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美国普渡大学C. Richard Liu教授讲座通知


应先进制造技术研究所张俊教授邀请,美国普渡大学工业工程系C. Richard Liu教授将于528日来访学院,并做讲座。讲座信息如下:


讲座时间: 528日上午10:00-11:30


讲座人:ProfC. Richard Liu, Fellow and Ennor Medalist, ASME

讲座题目:Artificial Intelligence and Next Generation Manufacturing - A Reflection on Technology Innovation


摘要:Artificial intelligence has evolved definitions, and a recent one is “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”. Due to ever increasing computing power and users demands of high performance, AI is finding applications in industrial and healthcare products/processes for industry and consumer products for daily life. In this speech, the speaker will first talk about the vision, values and approaches of the AI and Robotics community in the pioneering time of the 1970’s, and his different perspectives as an engineer. Then he will list the topics of his research on applying AI in manufacturing, before, during and after the significant funding of 16 years supporting Purdue/NSF Engineering Research Center on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems by NSF. Using what is learned from the case of 50 years evolution of AI, from a vision of academia for scientific research, to technology-driven development of industry, to value-driven innovative products/platforms for business, he proposes systematic methods to improve the effective impact of technology innovation via industry, and shorten the duration of the evolution using his new approach of structured innovation recently taught as a graduate course at Purdue University. The new approach centered around a success-driven planning, based on the philosophy of the art of war of Sun Tsu. He will explain his success-driven new framework for innovation planning, which will include the objectives, competitive strategy, matching tasks with tools, the creation of additional values by manufacturing in real and cyber domains with experience-, analytical-, data-, logic-, sensory-, and intelligent-based solutions for manufacturing innovation and improvement.

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