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How To Find The Best Themes For Your WordPress Site


WordPress themes

WordPress theme is  actually a layout and appearance you want to set for your page. We can find many free themes as well as some paid ones too. If you like to search for a theme that comes into your budget of liking you are advised to search WordPress Free Themes Directory and browse around.

While using a free theme the disadvantage is seen to be the inconvenience in changing the layout. Most of the free themes don’t have impressive features as compared to the paid themes.

Thus paid themes have a clear advantage in providing the look you want for your page.


Blog Theme Features to Look For:

Literally speaking, there are thousands of paid themes o be found. So how to pick the one that suits you in every way? Well for that when you are searching or shopping look for the below mentioned features:

  • SEO:

Look for the theme that will allow you to code tpost titles ang description that will draw search engines as well as the readers to your site.



If you like experimenting with your layout or design you should look for themes that are more of a framework with movable elements rather than being pre-designed which cannot be changed. Such a theme will help you in styling your page and will help reflect your work.



Search for a theme with a drag and drop feature to make changes so that you don’t have to become a Cascading Style Sheet’s student to learn to make minor changes in your page.



Visual attraction is usually the first thing that draws readers to  a site, but it is important to remember to the taste of your audience. Make sure your readers are able to connect to you through your layout or design. Avoid choosing a layout that projects a false image of oyur work.



Look for a theme whose support system is responsive enough to answer your question related to the customization. Genesis, an example of a established theme have thousands of answers to commonly asked questions in their forum, and if a question posted there, the answer comes within few hours if not in minutes.


If the above mentioned features of a good theme are making you puzzled here are some recommendations for you to try:

  • Studiopress/Genesis Framework
  • Elegant Themes
  • Theme Forest


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