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10 Quick Tips and Tricks to Massively Increase Your Blog Traffic

Higher blog traffic is a dream of every person who owns a website or a blog as they will earn higher if they receive higher traffic. In the article, we are going to discuss 10 tips that you can use to increase the traffic on your website. These tips and tricks are as follows.

Blog Traffic

1-Niche LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn group is one of the opportunity that website and blog owners have. When the articles are posted and you invite people to a conversation, this would become a way to increase traffic. The more people will participate, the more you will become beneficial. People can even search on LinkedIn if you have added many of the keywords as keywords play major role when you are searching for them.

Be careful as LinkedIn allows you to join just 50 groups so join just the most popular ones.

2- Facebook Group

With the passing time, social media networks has become much popular and they have opened an opportunity for people to grow their businesses, promote themselves and much more. Facebook is playing a vital role as groups are created and discussion could take place. To increase traffic on your website or blog, join the famous groups and update all the articles that you update on your website. This would be a lot more helpful.


There is not a larger audience aware of Digg but let us tell you that it’s a great place to get thousands of visitors. Here people normally share but if your article doesn’t get share then don’t waste your time with posting on it as it would be useless.

4- Niche Forums

Niche forums are effective at generating a higher traffic on a website. Engaging with others and posting best of your article will be very helpful and would play a role in increasing direct traffic on your website. The more you post, the more of your links will be clicked and the higher would be the traffic.

5-Bookmarking Websites

This also helps in increasing traffic as it brings an awesome opportunity like networking with those who could influence your industry. Here you get a chance to share your contents with them and hence you will somehow find the traffic to your website again. For this, you need to find out the best bookmarking site and submit your unique best article.


Here we answer the questions with the links and it therefore becomes a great way to increase the website traffic. It receive a higher traffic from Google too and is therefore considered as the best ones. You need to make sure that your links are found in the questions related to it. If important insights are posted with the link, there is a chance to get more of the visitors.

7- Niche Google+ Group

Google+ is easier to use but when posting a content, you need to make sure, you are not spamming the group. If you do so, then you would be banned very badly. Before posting article, we would suggest6 you to post article after introducing yourself to the group properly. Please do not try to make Google+ realize that you are taking advantage of the group so a solution is that you just don’t share your articles, instead do have conversation with other group members.


Just the best but people are not that much aware and therefore fails to take advantage of it. Many of the bloggers just avoid it but please don’t make such a mistake as you are stopping people to come and visit you. A lot of targeted audience could be achieved here. Just like Google+, Reddit won’t allow you to take it’s advantage so make sure that you do not spam a community. Joining Reddit would give you far better result for increasing traffic.

9-Stumble Upon

This is also the useful one for bloggers as a higher traffic could be received. This opportunity is not gained by everyone as people are not so much aware of it. Blogs can get more than 2000 visitors a day if Stumble upon is properly used for increasing your website traffic. We would recommend you to use it efficiently and this is a biggest chance for everyone to increase blog traffic.


It’s really common and it drives more traffic then by twitter or LinkedIn. To get higher traffic you need lots of pins and for this you need to post attractive pictures with your blogs. If you have not used yet, do try to get more blog traffic.

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