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10 WordPress PayPal Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments

Did you find out how can you receive payment on WordPress site? PayPal helps website in receiving payments online without any merchant account.
In this article, we are going to discuss 10 WordPress PayPal plugin for the purpose of accepting payments and these are all mentioned below;
1- PayPal responder   paypal-responder  
This allows a user to sell out individual product on your website using PayPal. Your users will find it easier to pay for the product by using PayPal. Auto-responder can be set so that your users easily get the link from where they can download or get their product. This is very useful as it omits the need of a shopping cart at a website.
2- PayPal donations      PayPal-Donate-Button-Plugin-for-WordPress
This plugin is very simple as it comes with a shortcode and a ready-to-use PayPal WordPress widget which you can easily add it to the sidebars. This plugin needs to be installed and activated and the next step would be configuration that will be done by visiting setting>> PayPal donation. A thankyou page can also be chosen for the users so that after configuration, they can be redirected directly.
3- Quick PayPal payment
This is a very simple plugin but is a powerful one too that help in accepting payments via PayPal. A payment form is required to be setup which is to be added to any page of the website by using a short code. For the purpose of customization of the appearance form, this plugin offers a great user interface.
4- PayPal payment shortcode  paypal-payment-shortcode
Using a WordPress shortcode, this plugin allows the owner to add a PayPal button. The configuration can be done with the short codes of all plugins. This is no doubt a complicated one. The using instructions are all available at the plugin page.
5- Easy PayPal shopping cart
This is a seperate WordPress shopping cart which allows you make sales transactions on your website. On any of the WordPress page, you can easily insert add to cart button. This will take users to the PayPal from where they can easily pay you. This also assist users to get redirected to a thank-you page.
6- WordPress simple PayPal shopping cart
This plugin makes it easier for a website to sell out the products and accept a payment via PayPal. When using this plugin, users are asked to add products to their carts.
7- PayPal for WooCommerce
This is a WordPress well-known ecommerce plugin that has an in-built support for a standard PayPal account. It provides a good support. At the checkout setting, a PayPal payment pro tab can be added where you can perform configuration.
8- PayPal payment
This is a new plugin that I hasn’t used yet but i have been hearing that it offers a PayPal WordPress widget and a shortcode. PayPal button should be added to the pages and post, etc. This plugin manages a list of payment and confirmation email on the other hand is sent to the WordPress admin and also to the customer.
9- PayPal payment for gravity forms
This is a most popular plugin where PayPal payment add-on button allows the payment to be accepted in a gravity form. A customized form can easily be prepared such as the order form that will be used for different purposes.
10-PayPal pro and PayPal express for easy digital downloadspaypal-eddd
Another ecommerce plugin of WordPress is easy digital downloads that adds both the PayPal pro and PayPal express payment ways to easily get easy digital download site. By the help of this, your customers can easily input some of the credit card information for the purpose of making out easy payments.

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