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32 Free SEO Tools & Resources for Your Needs

SEO Tools are the big part of SEO. Everyone love using SEO tools weather they are premium or free. If you need more advance features or want to use any tool again and again then you always require Paid tools for these purposes because mostly free tools have some limitations.

But for regular use, free SEO tools always there for you.

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Today I am going to share a helpful list of 32 SEO tools in which some free tools and some tools with free and paid both options are listed.

Free SEO Tools

1. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

Are you really worried about Google’s Penguin algorithm? What if Google Penguin algorithm hits you for over-optimized anchor text? Then don’t worry at all now, just type your website’s URL and get a full report of your over-optimized anchor text which can cause risk for you.

2. Bitly

Bitly is used for URL shortening, many webmaster’s are using this tool to shorten their URL, but it’s not only a URL shortner people use this tool because of its great analytic.

3. Buffer

Buffer is really a great tool to manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles under the one roof. Now optimize your social media sharing with buffer.

4. Buzzstream Tools

Many people treat Buzzstream for building relationship where people can promote their products, content and services, but expect that Buzzstream also have a fine collection of some SEO tools for Link Building, Email Research etc.

5. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a kind of competitive Intelligence checker. Through this tool you can discover that what technology or CMS any website is using by just putting their URL in BuiltWith.

6. Copyscape

This tool is also known as plagiarism checker or duplicate content detector. This free SEO tool helps us to detect that is there any duplicate copy of our published content or our written content is plagiarism free or not.


The trend of Infographics is increasing day by day. is a free tool for you to create and share your own infograpics among people on internet and express anything in a new way.

8. Frobee Robots.txt Checker

Mostly robots.txt files contain some unseen or hidden errors which are not detectable by humans. This tool will help you to find errors in your robots.txt file and after that you know what the real issue in your robots file is.

9. GetListed

Today we need local SEO to make our business visible locally. Moz gives us the solution of our local SEO needs. GetListed is an awesome tool by Moz for local SEO and to enhance our local SEO visibility score.

10. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is used for keyword research in SEO by almost every webmaster. Google’s most popular keyword research tool which provides the data that is not available anywhere else.

11. Google Analytics

In SEO we need to measure our visitor’s behavior, our popular pages, from where our visitor is coming and many other things like that. Google Analytics is the most popular analytic tool which is available free for every webmaster.

12. Google PageSpeed Insights

Page Speed is the biggest factor to rank a website. A website with great loading speed and user experience rank’s higher than the other one which takes much time to load. Google PageSpeed Insights will tell you how to manage your website’s loading speed.

13. Google Trends

Google Trends is also a kind of keyword research tool. This tool can help you to check any keyword search popularity with time. So try the trends of keywords with their forecasting.

14. Google Webmaster

This is the most important tool for webmaster by Google through which you can get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy Google friendly website.

15. is the great resource that helps you to create free infographics in very short time.

16. Linkstant

Now you can discover your new links instantly. This tool will alert you whenever someone links to your website.

17. MozCast

It sounds like weather casting but no it’s a great tool by Moz again for webmaster’s to track if Google is trying its algorithm this week? MozCast provides you the daily weather reports about the variations in SERPs.

18. Panguin Tool

Many people can’t decide that why their traffic drops down? Is their website hit by any Google’s update? Through this tool you can see how Google’s algorithm updates have crushed your traffic.

19. Pingdom

Pinddom is a speed analyzing tool of your website. It helps you to analyze your page load, connectivity and DNS issues.

20. Robots.txt Checker

If your website is not getting index by search engine crawlers then there must be some error in your Robots.txt file. If yes then try this Robots.txt checker and analyze what is really wrong in your robots file which causing you search engine crawling issues.

21. SEOQuake

This toolbar provides you the more raw data than any other SEO toolbar.

22. Text Cleaner

It’s really the best tool to clean up all type of text formatting when you copy and paste between applications.

23. Ubersuggest

I think every SEO loves this tool. Ubersuggest is the great choice for keyword research ideas. It provides us many best results related to our search query.

24. Wordle

Wordle is super easy tool to create attractive word clouds. It’s an excellent tool for visualization, research and graphics.

25. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Do you need a wordpress plugin for your website to fulfill your basic SEO needs? I will recommend you to try Yoast first. Because Yoast sets the standard.

Paid and Free SEO Tools

26. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is among the most popular link research tools now days. It’s actually a paid tool but also offers some data free for its users.

27. Keyword Eye

Now with Keyword Eye simplify your keyword research, keep an eye on the competition and analyze on-page content trends.

28. KnowEm

KnowEm is a social tool. It helps you to find the availability of your brand name on 100’s of social networks. Now to select a unique and great brand name first try KnowEm.

29. MozBar

MozBar is the standard toolbar for SEO. The new version of MozBar 3.0 is available for Google Chrome and for Firefox it’s coming soon. This new version includes many new features in it. The feature I like most in MozBar 3.0 is its new keyword difficulty checker.

30. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is again a great tool provided by the Moz. Now see anchor text, backlinks, popularity metrics and much more.

31. StatCounter

Its free, its quick and its lightweight analytics solution for you, Yes its StatCounter. Great analytics tool for those who don’t like Google Analytics and want to avoid it.

32. Whois Lookup

Now with Whois Lookup you can find administrative information, registration and contact details for any domain. Its really a great and very useful SEO tool.

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