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4 Ways to Build Backlinks for New Blog in 2016

Whenever you build a new blog, there are number of problems that raise. Number of links you need to build but if you face any problem building links then this article is useful for you. Don’t think that you are facing a problem. This is a general problem that every new blogger has. The main reason that we found behind these problems are lack of SEO knowledge, poor management and issues of time management.
To sort out these issues, we have revealed some of the secrets that will help. Generating backlinks are easier. It’s just that you have to keep the following techniques in your mind.


This is considered as the easiest way of getting backlinks. This is basically a method where group of people are asked a question regarding your blog. Don’t think that who will answer you. There are many people who will give you positive affirmation.

How to apply?

This is a technique for which you need to follow few steps:
– List of influencers is to be created
– Have a look at their about pages. This is to find whether they link to the contents on which they are quoted upon.
–¬†Contact the influencer for the next round-up
Have patience, you will get first backlink from this influencer.


This is the second technique that will work to get you backlinks. This technique is a solution to many of your blogging issue and we guarantee you this as it has solved numerous issues that we faced in the beginning. This is mostly used when you are willing to create awareness of your brand and also when you are willing to get some networking. Whosoever wishes to build links, this technique is much useful.

How to apply?

–¬† Finding out the blogs that has enable CommentLuv commenting system.
– Check the setting of the blog to know whether they offer dofollow backlink. If yes then pass the number of relevant comments as this would give many backlinks and the issue of having no backlink to new blog will be resolved to some extent.
– Leave your comment with appropriate length
– Add value to the post where you are commenting to get some additional benefits.


This is a formula that bloggers can use to get some backlinks. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything as asking is not a sin. We have seen bloggers who feel that asking for the backlink to a content will result in backlinks to it.
To use this technique make sure that the content you have written is worthy.

How to apply?

– Write an extra-ordinary content.
– Search for bloggers writing about the same topic.
– Email the bloggers and influencers and ask them to share your piece of content with their followers.
To make it work much better, please make sure that a piece of influencer’s content is linked to your content.


This is a simplest technique for which you need to have the capability of writing an excellent content. Remember that the content is excellent only if it resolves the problems of the readers otherwise it is useless.
Remember that the application of this technique only depends on what you write and how you write. The awesome you write, the more contents you can get.
Infographic can be used to make your written article a branded one.


This was all! I hope that you understand the tips better. If you find any query, comment below.

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Shaharyar is the Founder, CEO, and full-on Evangelist for SEOrex and BloggingRex. He is a SEO Expert and Web Developer. Shaharyar is a firm and passionate believer in user experience and the building of community.

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