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4 Ways to Build Traffic To Your Website!


Traffic to a website is most important as it becomes the source of your earning, the higher the traffic on your website, Google will give you more of the ads to post for which you will receive a handsome amount.

This article is especially for those who are looking to find out ways to build traffic on your website. We all agree that traffic is important and therefore we request you to read below and follow so that you can easily build traffic to your website.

1-Writing contents

The first and the main thing to increase your website traffic is to write contents that users demand for. Make sure that the contents you write includes the following attributes;


The quality of article you write should be outstanding. It should not be copied from anywhere as copy/paste articles are never accepted by users. High quality contents are ranked higher in search engine and higher ranking is the basic dream of every website owner.

-Plagiarism free

Make sure that the article you write is free from plagiarism. Where there is a compromise with the quality of article, Google gets angry. We mean that, it is difficult for the article to rank on top in search engine.

-Shareable content

Article written should be unique and qualitative so that the users feel to share it with their friends. Sharing such qualitative articles on social media networks help in driving traffic to website.

-Share a well-organized content

Writing content is not a big deal but organizing it in a proper way is challenging. Presentation no doubt matters as where we see messy things, we just scroll down and move to the next.

-Link articles to previous article

For the purpose of building traffic, make sure that you link one article with the other such as if you have written the most recent article on your website, do ensure that you link it with the previous article.

2-Promotion of Website

It was a time when people suffered as they were unable to find ways to promote their website. With the increased use of social media network, Promotion of website has become much easier. To increase traffic to a website, promotion plays a major role.

-Use of call to action

This is basically a strategy via which you can make the users return to your website. Make the reader attract your website so that they can return. Call to action plays a role of a button where readers are asked to either respond via writing or visiting the website again, etc.

-Respond to comment

If your article receives any comment, please don’t ignore as it become a great way to interact with your customers. Do reply to the good comments that you receive. If you are busy, please take out few minutes to respond to the readers as it will help satisfy your readers.

-Connect with other blog

This is also a way to promote your website as people visiting the other might click to visit your blog too.

-Use of SEO tools to connect to your website

SEO tools are great for the promotion of your website. This is a way via which you can get guaranteed traffic. The technique used matters here.

3-Social media networks

These days social media networks play a major role in getting Traffic on website. There are number of social media networks where you share your website link and your connections visit your website. Social media network are actually best for Search engine optimization.

-Creating a facebook page

This is one of the most common thing that every person do. Creating a facebook page is easier. A page with the name of your website can be created and on regular basis when you update your website with latest articles, make sure that you share them on the facebook page you created.

-Use of Twitter

Make a twitter account and take advantage of the account by sharing your articles so that more of your twitter followers visit your website.

There are many other social media networks that should be used.


Ensure that the website you designed is much attractive and eye catching. We hear mean that the colors used, the style implemented are attractive.

We have claimed this point as the important part as dynamic websites are mostly demanded by everyone and it generates more of the viewer interest.

This was all! We request you to follow the above mentioned points to generates higher traffic to your website.

About Maira Sheikh

Maira sheikh is the co-founder and the content writer of Bloggingrex who has been writing since January 2014. By qualification, she is an ACCA. Writing is her passion and therefore moves her career in writing contents, press releases, stories and much more. she has been writing for different websites including seorex, knownmobile, etc. Due to her increased enthusiasm, she has moved towards blogging.

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