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5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Compared

You must have seen contact forms on different websites and if you are the owner of any website, you would also wish to add such contact form to your website. This is not a tough job but a little complication arises when thinking which WordPress plugin should be used from 1625+ WoedPress plugin.

To solve such a complication, we have decided to discuss 5 Best Contact form Plugin in this article. Kindly read below to know the comparison of these 5 plugins as these all has pros and cons.

Gravity form    images

This form is one of the most famous contact form plugin for WordPress. This is a paid plugin. We found this form almost on many different website. This plugin is simple and easy to use and includes every function that a blogger would ask for. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Gravity form;


  • Beginner friendly Contact forms
  • These forms help in creation of surveys, quiz, web directory, etc. This is just done with the help of additional add on.
  • Premium support like FAQs, forums, email support, etc. This support means that whenever you need help, it will be available.


  • Expensive forms but if you are the owner of multiple sites, then you won’t feel the cost to be too much.

Ninja forms   ninjaforms

For WordPress, Ninja forms are considered as freemium contact form plugin that can be used for the purpose of creating highly interactive forms with not such high efforts. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ninja forms;


  • Base plugin for the ninja form is free of cost which means that you can easily download and install on as many sites you wish too.
  • Premium extension available that helps extending the Ninja forms Functionality including Freshbooks, Salesforce, SMS notification, etc.
  • Availability of helpful community support option.


  • Extension to the main plugin is expensive (almost equal to Gravity forms).

Formidable Pro    formidablepro

This isn’t the most popular one but with the time being passed, the WordPress users are making this their choice as it allows the users to create beautiful contact forms very quickly and it adds all the good points that one user ask for. Below are the advantages and Disadvantages;


  • Simple to use
  • Available for free of cost. There is a license fee charged
  • 12 add-ons available with standard plans. This benefits in a way that add-ons allows the user to integrate this plugin with Basecamp, Trillio and with many other services.


  • This is a new kind of form so have much limited add-ons but it is expected to grow with the passage of time.

Contact form 7   cont7

This is the most demanded plugin and most users download it in the official WordPress Plugin directory. This form is free of cost which provides a substitute to the premium plugin. Below are advantages and disadvantages;


  • Free of cost so can be installed on as many sites as you want.
  • Third-party plugins available as add-ons.
  • Creating a basic contact form is a pleasure.


  • Complication for beginners
  • Supporting option are just few
  • Plugin doesn’t have an add-ons directory that makes difficulty in extending functions.

Fast secure contact form  fastsecurecontactform

This is also a free of cost plugin and is a popular one. This plugin helps prevent spam and makes the contact form secure. Below are the advantages and disadvantages;


  • Free of cost
  • Prevents spam
  • A companion plugin can be added to support CAPTCHA


  • Not simple i.e beginner and non-developers find much difficulty in using
  • Limited support options

We have discussed five best Contact form plugins. Hope you understand all them well and make the right choice for your Website. We would like you to give us your feedback in the comment box below so that we could make more improvements to make you understand much better.

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