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5 Kinds of Content That Gets Shared More Often

Working hard and no response in return make you feel bad. Searching for more shares and link back. Here I tell you the types of blog post which help you getting more traffic. So, here are the 4 types of blog posts you should be posting on your blog to get more shares, likes, comments, backlinks and traffic.


Social Media SharesTop list posts are the kind of posts that always work because of their attractive headings. Top list post are one of the hot things in blogging, today which are tend to get much more social shares than other traditional blog posts. For example Top 15 Killer tips to Increase Page Rank, the Post You Are Reading Right Now and how To Make A Top List Post. It is really easier than the traditional blog posts that is the best part about making a top list post. Let have example, write top 15 ways that come to mind on how to get blog traffic, e.g. Do Guest Blogging, Let your current subscribers know, Share Your Content On Social Media etc then go to your blog, give a little introduction, and write out the 15 points you had written on your notepad with a bit more detail and that’s it. It’s that easy!


148296922-100251464-primary-idgeThe another cool way to get more social shares and traffic to your blog is publishing free guides because a guide would have both quality and quantity that means more quality information and the other reason is people would share it because it is free of cost which tends to get more comments. If you have expertise in any topic then writing guides could be an easy job. The example of the guide is if you think that you have expertise in, “How to start a blog“, then all you need to do is assume that your readers don’t know anything about blogging. So, start from the very basic level and write in very easy to understand language and at end of the post you can add something like, “If you loved the post, don’t forget to share it” and that should do the trick.


The other type is Interviewing a popular blogger in your niche can get you a lot of social shares because the blogger whom you interviewed would also share it. Thus, you would also get his fans to your blog, interview With Ammar Ali Who Built a Blog Worth $116665 In 12 Months Interview With Stuart Walker Of NicheHacks then you can follow the following guide to learn taking interviews from popular bloggers and after publishing the interview, ask them to share it with their followers!


You can do featuring someone with the blogger’s permission and let him know when you have published the content. It is same as taking interviews, for that you need to ask question. For example featuring someone is no brainer. All you have to do is, if you like someone and you think that you can write about him. Just write a post about him and let him know. You can also feature a bunch of people and then let them know that you featured all of them and ask them to share the post.


Experts RoundupIf you blog is brand new, you get lot of blog traffic. In this you are actually asking many expert the same question and featuring many of them at the same time and the results are amazing because all of the top bloggers you featured would share it with their fans. For example write an expert round up, just think of a question you would like to ask from all top bloggers in your niche. Now, all you need is a list of about 80-90 top bloggers in your niche and you need to email them all asking the question. Tell them that you are doing an expert roundup. Once you have a descent number of answers then just do a blog post on it writing each bloggers and answer.


In the end you do these 5 types of posts on your blog to get more social shares and blog traffic. Make sure that you are delivering quality content because more the quality is the more likely it would be shared.

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