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5 Important Points Before Using Google AdSense

Are you using Google AdSense on your blog, or even thinking about. If you really want to sacrifice your blog and traffic to the Google AdSense, you have to ask yourself some questions. The questions are:

  • How much is your site traffic worth?
  • Are you playing by Google’s rules at all times?
  • Can you make more money going directly?
  • Are you killing your profits by using Google AdSense?
  • Do you like giving away your audience for some pennies per visitor?

You need to know about your traffic and its worth as entertainment sites and blogs have a low value per user. Product reviews and coupon sites have a high value per user, as they are at present in buyer mode. Knowing your regular visitor value is a very important thing to know!

Google has been throwing many sites out of their Google AdSense program and may banner your account, once you are tossed. They keep all of the money remaining in your account as well. As a Google AdSense partner, you always need to play by their rules at all times. You can find a quality advertiser in your niche that is a good chance.

It will pay a much greater CPM premium above what Google AdSense will pay you. If you are running 125×125 banner ads on your site you can most likely fill four to ten of these banner spots and make several times more than what Google AdSense could ever earn you.

5 Important Points Before Using Google AdSense

By throwing Google AdSense on your site which is one of the best ways to kill your profit. Trying to get people on your mailing list if you are selling product. Google AdSense will hurt you so keep your focus on your end goal of either receiving people on your list or getting them to take action.

Solid Monetization Plans

If you have a solid monetization plan for your site, Google AdSense possibly shouldn’t be one of them. They leave the site they are currently on whenever someone clicks on any Google AdSense banner. Most of the time Google AdSense is only paying a few pennies per click.

Google AdSense has earned BILLIONS of dollars for Google and their publishers, but there is a reason why it’s so easy and simple to setup. Google is earning a ton of money by lazy site owners just placing a code on their site and not knowing better. Using Google AdSense is not wrong but profitable for making money at all.

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