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5 Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

WordPress is well-known by everyone nowadays and everyone look for the ways via which your customers will be allowed to directly get an appointment from the WordPress website. Are you among the audience who is looking to allow their customers an online direct appointment? In any type of service you are offering, a customer will always require an appointment. Example of services includes
Dental service, hair styling, etc. This article will discuss five main plugins which are best for the purpose of giving direct appointment to all the customers. All the plugins are discussed separately below;
1- Booking calendar
This is one of the oldest WordPress plugin in the entire market and is a free one. This plugin is very well documented and is very simple to use. A booking/appointment form can also be added to any of the WordPress page or posts. This plugin is simple for the beginners. No doubt, being older this is a powerful plugin that comes with a range of options which can be configured from the settings page. To prevent spams and other virus related issues, this plugin add a built-in captcha. The booking form can also be customized.
2- Birchpress
This plugin is one of the well-known plugin. This plugin allows you to add an online management booking system in WordPress website. Appointment can be booked via online forms and can pay via PayPal. In addition, this plugin syncs your booking calender along with others including Google calendar, iCal, etc. It also includes a customized email notification system that updates you and your customers.
3- Appointment calender
This plugin allows to add an appointment management system to the WordPress site. This plugin shortcode is to be added to WordPress post or page along with the services you offer. Moreover, this plugin also allows the setting of the time slot which is available for the users to book. A schedule of meeting hours, lunch hours can also be added to the plugin that will help the users to allow according to your availability hours. You can export the appointments too.
4- Gravity forms
This is considered as one of the best contact form plugin that is much easier to use. Booking form can be created if you own the plugin. This form has built-in support for notifications that make it easier for owner and the customers. With this form, all the application forms will be saved on the WordPress site.
5- WP simple booking calendar
This is another WordPress plugin in which you simply create a calendar then it is to be posted on WordPress pages and post. This plugin doesn’t include hourly time slot. This plugin will do a very simple job if you are looking for any simple job to be done. For complex jobs, please refer to the above four mentioned plugins.

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