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8 Great On-Page SEO technique

Are you among those who started running a website? Or are you among those who have started a website just now and have no knowledge of what an SEO is?
If you are then this article is useful for you as we will discuss about what SEO is and what are the main 8 on-page SEO techniques.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is important for a website as it brings traffic to a website. There are different SEO techniques which are necessary for one to understand. This is on-page technique and of page technique. This article will focus more on On-page techniques which are as follows;
1- Title of the page
This factor is considered as a vital factor on a website. This is that every page on the website and every single post on the website has their own original title and it should also include a keyword. For example, if you own a blog and post about jewellery item then you can title it as “kids jewelry” or “jewelry for women”. Inclusion of a keyword will help you in a way that when somebody will search for kids jewelry, your post will appear on their display.
2- Addition of Meta description
This is an important thing that people normally forget to complete. It keeps importance as these includes a keyword that will then help you get a higher traffic when users search for it. Please remember that these are very important as they are included in the search result list.
If we continue with the example taken above, a better meta description for a  kids jewelry will be “Decent but Elegant jewelry for kids that are latest in fashion and are highly demanded. It would enhance the looks that your kid has”. As per our opinion, this description would be better to be added so that your ranking on Google could improve.
3- Addition of Meta tag
A keyword in form of Meta tag should be included at every page. This should be the relevant keyword that has been used in your content. Please note that the relevant keyword should be the one that you have used when you made a research previously. Using a WordPress plugin at this website makes it more simpler.

4-URL structure
Addition of URL structure is recommended by all of us as it helps in improving the search engine result.
5- Addition of Body tags
For your website when you are writing a content, make sure that you write it in seperate paragraphs with headings. These are headings where H1, H2, H3, etc tags are used. These are  used by search engine that determine the important words in the article. Hence these are considered very useful.
6- keyword Density
We suggest to keep keyword Density around 2.5% as the excessive use of keywords will ban your website for search engine. Therefore, we request you all to avoid using the same keyword again and again.
7- Addition of images to your content
Where you include more images, your website will be more attractive. It will give a little break to the boring text that readers normally avoid. Upload an image according to the page title. This will help people search you with the image you have uploaded.
8- Building internal links
According to number of people, a link that has been created with other websites are the most important one’s. These links are not the only important instead internal links created are also important. Internal linking helps more in getting a reader full round of your website that will then improve the ranking of your website on search engine. Posting links within the articles will help you in getting increased traffic to your website.
This was all. I hope you understand what SEO techniques are. Do use them and comment below about your experience.

About Maira Sheikh

Maira sheikh is the co-founder and the content writer of Bloggingrex who has been writing since January 2014. By qualification, she is an ACCA. Writing is her passion and therefore moves her career in writing contents, press releases, stories and much more. she has been writing for different websites including seorex, knownmobile, etc. Due to her increased enthusiasm, she has moved towards blogging.

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