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9 Free Backlink Checker Tools To Check Competitors Backlinks

When you are doing any business, it is important to keeps your eyes open when looking towards competitor and its backlinks. Competition is no doubt tough everywhere even when we talk about websites. Websites require SEO which are carried out in different ways.  Bloggers use backlinks to increase traffic on their blog or website. This is just a way of doing SEO. SEO helps websites ranks higher and therefore competition here is higher. When spying on competitor, we need to know what keywords are being used by the competitor and what backlinks are used by competitors. This will help you in facing competition. Backlink Checker Tools

Some of the backlinks are just useless and therefore you need to check these backlinks. For checking, there are tools available that helps you check these backlinks. Some of the tools for checking backlinks are as follows,

1- SEMRush 

Do you remember that this tool was even used to check keywords ranking. This tool is also used to check backlinks. This tool is among the most common one’s. The backlink feature has been added to the tool currently, we are surprised with how well the feature works. To take advantage of the feature several steps should be followed,
Visit the homepage of the tool
Enter the domain name
For comparison purpose, there is a next tab that will provide an entire list.
You can even export as PDF by clicking on the right top side PDF button.

2- Majestic SEO

This tool is mostly used by professionals and is considered as the best free tool. This is in competition with another backlink tool checker being good at some places. The best part is that this tool has their own majestic list which is more useful. They have a large database of links that they evaluate but quality-vise. This tool gives an advantage to download free profile of the competitor that will help you gain a larger information. To use the tool, click on the backlink tab and you will surely get a complete list that will assist you further.

3- SEO Spyglass

This is a new tool that is currently evaluating itself so that it can give out the best output. It’s not a web-based instead is a desktop software that runs from PC. Fresh links can be found here and this is it’s best part.

4- Openlinkprofiler

This is one of the amazing tool for everyone as it has a large database of fresh backlinks which are error free. The links are just 90 days old as this tool doesn’t provide outdated stuff to it’s users. It’s helps you download 100 links in the CSV format. The tool is not provided by other tools and it provides an influential score that help you find a best page based on the backlinks.

5- Link Diagnosis 

This is a free tool for checking backlinks and is one of the great one as it allows you to get internal plus external links and much more. It also helps in getting brief ranking of the web page.

6- Google Alerts

A free easy to use tool that provides you free alerts when your selected words are mentioned on the web. This name could be your brand name, product name, etc. It helps give you basic information on linking activities but you will not receive any notification which is a disadvantage.

7- Backlink Watch

This is considered as one of the easiest tool that helps analyze the backlink portfolio.

8- Open Site Explorer 

This one an amazing free tool that is from This helps you see who is linking to your competitor’s site filtering the report via domain authority.

9- Ahrefs 

This is the best tool for getting backlink analysis of the competitor’s websites. This is recognized by the customer satisfaction. This tool is mostly used by everyone these days to check backlinks.

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