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How to Add Facebook style Auto-complete for WordPress posts


Before writing anything, I would like to firstly ask you that whether you like Facebook functionality which lets you easily the people and the pages you wish to tag. We were asked by a user to explain how can we add the similar auto-complete facebook style to WordPress post. This article will focus entirely on the above question of the user. Please read carefully for best output.
For the purpose of adding Facebook style auto-complete for WordPress post, the first and the most important thing is to install and activate a plugin namely “Mentionable plugin”. For the purpose of the configuration of the plugin go to settings>>Mentionable.
This plugin is enabled for the post by default. You can enable for media attachment, pages and other type of posts. Please note that when once you are done with configuration, save the settings and move on.
Moving further, now you need to create a new post in WordPress or edit the older one. Please ensure that you are using a visual editor. When editing the post, please remember to add the @ sign and start typing the title of the post you have to publish the post on your website. Adding this @ sign, this plugin Mentionable will automatically start suggesting the post which you can link too.
When you are done with all above, just select the post and press enter. The plugin will help in a way that it will add the link to the post by using the post title as anchor text.
I hope that you get the desired output by following the steps we told you. Don’t forget to give us your feedback.

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