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Does Alexa rating really impact your blog?

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a tool that determines how the visitors access your website. It is known as the representative that shows the performance of  your website. With this the rating system has become much more easier. The system records the user access to the website and provides a list of popular websites.

1- Root Domain
The root domain in Alexa is impacted where a visit to your website is made. It means that under your primary domain name all the visits made to the separate blogs will be displayed. If anyone of you is looking for statistical information then Alexa is useless for you.

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2- Alexa toolbar/ Extension users
For the purpose of collecting information, the use of browser extension or installable toolbar are considered as the primary methods. The users that do not have the toolbar installed are not reflected in Alexa’s data. The toolbar is used by large number of individuals therefore the data is incomplete to justify the rating system.

3- Your own toolbar/ Extension installation
To make your website more appealing, you can install the toolbar. The worst of it’s part is that it provides a false security which says that your website is performing well. A visit is recorded by Alexa toolbar where you use joomla or any other content management system for the purpose of submitting content.


Benefits of using Alexa

Alexa provides a little information but is still beneficial. It shows the following;

-keywords used by the visitors

-Basic biographical data

-Daily time spent on website

-Bounce rate in percentages

In addition to all above points mentioned, Alexa provides an overall sense of a blog potential.


I will not repeat any of my above statement as i am concluding this content here. Alexa is no doubt considered as a helpful tool for the bloggers.It helps your website much popular but this does not mean that you should now take retirement.

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Maira sheikh is the co-founder and the content writer of Bloggingrex who has been writing since January 2014. By qualification, she is an ACCA. Writing is her passion and therefore moves her career in writing contents, press releases, stories and much more. she has been writing for different websites including seorex, knownmobile, etc. Due to her increased enthusiasm, she has moved towards blogging.

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