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Auto Share Blog Posts on Social Media Networks

Social media networks these days plays a vital role in every part such as for marketing purpose, these are just considered as the best. When we talk about website or blog, if you own you will daily update it with new blog post but remember that if you do not promote it, it would be useless as awareness is only created when promotion is made. If you have no knowledge of how to promote and where to share and how to manage the time for promotion then trust me, you are at the right place. We will discuss the smartest way to manage social media promotion.

Automatically share, social media

This is true that writing a blog is a major step but promoting is also very important. Sharing the blog post will help increase the traffic to your blog or website that will help you earn higher from the website or a blog you own. Sharing manually will be a waste of time when this sharing of blog post can be done automatically. There are several tools as follows that will automatically share your blog post on social media networks,



This is a tool that will help you automatically share blog post to social media network but it does more things including monitoring the social analytics. This isn’t bad like the twitter feed instead you will get many other pages to share the blog post that will include LinkedIn, etc.

2-Social Maximizer

This is also an automatic sharing blog post tools that can share your blog post to around 425 social media networks. This mean that one of your blog post will receive 425 shares. This will increase a higher direct traffic to your blog and the chances of getting quality backlinks will increase.


This is one of the great tool that will bookmark your blog post to 30 websites without any click. The only thing you will require is to get an account on the platform and there you need to add your blog RSS. This is a free alternative and is available as the web forms, browser extension, a share button and WordPress plugin. Up to 30 networks, the post will be for free and around 90% uses free mode as we find that too much.


Here you are to select the social media networks where you wish to automatically publish your blogs. Twitter feed will automatically publish there as it recognizes the blog through RSS feed and then continues the procedure of promoting. There are some advanced features added to this tool that allows you to make a choice for the published post title, post description or only description.

5-JetPack Piublicize

This is a WordPress plugin which has greater functions of WordPress that helps in automatically sharing WordPress post on different social media networks. It also has a disadvantage that when sharing is made, it is made with the name of WordPress rather than your website name.

These are the few tools that we shared with you. Which one to use is completely your choice.


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