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Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is basically a process of gaining traffic on a particular website via social media networks. Examples of social media network include twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Social media marketing programs pays it complete attention on creating contents for website that attracts the audience and encourages them to share website’s link through internet about any event carried out by the particular company, its brand, its products and other services that it provides.

There are numbers of social networking websites available that allows individuals to communicate with each other and build relationships. Example, a rebound social networking website where every individual are in contact with their friends and family and individuals are even able to make new contacts with those whom they don’t even know. This personal communication can instill a feeling of loyalty into existing and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing, SMM, Social Media Network

In this competitive world, technology is playing one of the major roles in gaining competitive advantage over competitors. Mobile phones are now commonly used and companies developing mobile phones are continuously adding more and more features to meet the requirement of the competitive environment. Currently, smartphones are developed that contains all those features that one personal computer or a laptop has. Smartphones has the capability to connect to internet via WIFI, hence the capability to enter social network at any time and any place. This means advertisements are always in sight.

Social networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Myspace, Ning, Meetme, Tagged etc. An individual who don’t have any personal account on it will be known as beginner to the social network. There is guidance available to this network for the beginners so that they take every step correctly. The above mentioned are some most popular social networks which assist an individual to promote its business over internet.

Beginner’s guide to social network includes some steps. Beginners are firstly to understand what a social media network is and how it could help our business. We have already discussed above what the social media networks is. It helps us in promoting our business over internet. For example Calvin Klein is one of the rebound names in textile. It was previously selling via outlet but now due to rise in competition and more technological environment, it has come up with its own website and has created its existence over all social networks. Social network is more successful in B2C businesses. These are basically retail businesses. B2B businesses over internet are not so successful yet in developing countries like Pakistan as there are more illiterate people living who are not aware of social networks.

Beginner has to find out the reason why their company is in need of social media network. In the competitive environment, everyone is making efforts to gain competitive edge over their competitors. Social media help companies in attaining competitive advantage in a way that a shoe company has its existence over the internet through social media network i.e. it started selling shoes online as well. On the other hand, it’s competitor do not have existence over internet so the one having existence over internet will easily expand making potential customers online. It may also take your customers away from you by having personal contacts with them at social media networks.

Advocacy is one tool of social media network. It is not something that you will have to buy instead it is earned over the passage of time by having continuous and positive engagement with customers. Advocacy is earned via experience and through on-time delivery of the major as well as minor customer. On-time delivery system also enhances your company’s reputation. Through advocacy your efforts will grow and you will see that how well your brand is performing. Customer service is very important for any brand even if it is located online or having existence both on internet and in local markets i.e. a physical outlet.

Social media network does not start your customer experience or your brand. It takes your existing brand and makes it popular over internet and this helps in making new customer and retains the existing customers. Your efforts in the social media network are an extension of everything else you do in all the departments of your company. Capturing your company’s voice and sharing it with the entire world via social media network will open up unique opportunities in all other channels of the inbound marketing including SEO, branding, public relations, sales, and more.

Beginners to social networks are advised to build up relationships to achieve your company’s goal. Relationship with the customer becomes the basis upon which businesses will flourish. Relationships flourish when you cultivate them and no other area gives you the opportunity to do this as well as the social media network. Social media has also enhanced the efforts of SEO as it has become a platform for them to build relations with the customers and increase traffic to a particular website that SEO is asked to promote. Social media has also helped out companies in customer’s retention.

There is a big difference in selling product on internet and in selling product through a physical outlet. For example a person comes to the outlet and buys a product; we won’t ever come to know how he or she found our product after using it. We won’t be able to make improvements to our product. Whereas if our product is sold online and that particular customer also knows our existence at social media network so he or she may provide us with feedback for the product he purchased from us and we will come to know the flaws that our product contains. For example on our Facebook page he or she may comment on the image of the product that he or she has purchased and we will be able to make more improvements to that particular product.

Social media is known to be a fully integrated part of the marketing mix. By having social media network, you can develop a cohesive and scalable experience for your customers. It is not so difficult as it sounds. Integration of social media to marketing efforts should be done as early as possible. Beginners are strictly advised not to wait for your competitors to do it first as they make take the entire market. If a social presence is clear from the beginning then your branding will benefit from the additional customer touch points. Customers will be able to see the impression of the business very clearly.

A social presence is said to have a far-reaching impact for your organization when it is started in an authentic and thoughtful manner. By making social engagement a major part of your operations rather than an afterthought, you have a better shot at fully leveraging its power.

If a beginner is a small business, how it should use social media?

There is strong evidence that social signals now have an impact on search engine rankings on most search engines. Social media helps business customers to determine the legitimacy and reputation of a particular business during the process of purchasing. Improved branding has both human and search engine benefits as business will have more and more customers and they will be ranked higher in search engine.

Therefore, Rather than avoiding social media completely, small businesses should recognize that these secondary benefits are critical and to automate as much as possible to keep their costs down. Lower expectations should be placed and they should start at a slow pace.

Social Media Marketing, SMM, Social Media Network

Moreover, small businesses should automate the social media task such as they should automatically share every of their blog post to number of social media platforms, one social media task with small business is to use the software to schedule post so your feeds look alive even if you are offline. Strong sources of contents should be search for which your audience enjoys.

There are some social media task that are not to be automated and those includes refollows i.e. don’t follow every follower as not all increases value. Retweet is also a social media task that should not be automated too as it will reduce the quality of its social media presence.

Social media management benefits both the branding and link-baiting. Social signals are incorporated by search engines. Some popular social media networks that guides beginner’s to begin with social media marketing are discussed as follows.

Some Popular Social Media Marketing (SMM) Networks:

Tumblr for Social Media Marketing

This is a micro-blogging platform that brings together the bloggers, brands and the tastemakers too. Tumblr provides you with a user-friendly, beautiful way to get started if you are willing to create your own content and want to share your stuff on the web.

LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing

It is not the best social media network but research showed that it has 161 members in more than 200 countries. It is growing day by day and is becoming the largest professional social media network. Beginner’s guide for this social media network will help you out in knowing everything you need to tackle in today’s job market by simply creating a profile for finding out professional organizations and applying for the suitable jobs directly from this social media networking site.

Reddit for Social Media Marketing

Reddit is one of the web’s most rebound message boards. If you are new to the website then you may be confused by the mishmash of text links, comment threads, points and up votes but sticking with it will show you how Reddit distinguishes for other social media networks.

Facebook for Social Media Marketing

It is the most popular social media network among all others. It has around 900 million users worldwide who are increasing day by day. Facebook has announced to launch their own search engine known as graph search that is designed to allow users to make natural searches. You should understand the best time to post on Facebook that will influence on your engagement rate. Guidance is discussed below;

Step-1. Understand that your page and profile are very separate.

You may log into your profile and get into your page from there but no one else knows about the page that is attached to your profile.

Step-2. Access your page from left side bars.

Your page is bookmarked on the left sidebar of your homepage. This makes it easy for you to get to your page in just one click.

Step-3. Watch How You Are Logged Into Facebook in the Top Right Corner.

Just look at the top of the page to see which name appears either your personal profile name i.e if you are logged in with your personal profile then your name will appear on top.

Step-4. Comment as Your Profile on Your Page.

The default setting is to always comment as your Page when you are on your Page either logged in through your personal profile or through your page.

Step-5. Get Notifications on Your Personal Profile for Your Page.

For this you simply have to open page notification so that you can check activity of your page simply either if you are on your personal profile.

Step-6. You Will See Your Page Updates in Your Personal Profile’s Ticker and News Feed.

Step-7. Highlight Your Page as Your Employer in Your About Section.

Step-8. Have a business Facebook page.

Step-9. Feature a page owner.

Simply go to Edit Page then Update Info and select Featured. You can highlight Pages you want to feature in your likes and the Page owner.

Twitter for Social Media Marketing

This network is basically used for sharing news and small updates for around 14 characters. It allows making a structured profile and tweeting as well as direct messaging. Twitter has also launched its achieve function currently. Guidance includes present your brand, build a strong foundation over the network, now start following people i.e. the more people you will follow, the more of your awareness will be created. Start talking on the network now and remember to talk smartly. Next step is to drive traffic to your website or blog. Then connect your online presence. Get twitter on mobile now, share images in your tweets and do add videos as well in your twitter timeline. Now properly organize your entire twitter follower in conversation list. Try to expand your audience with hash tags and target the potential customers. Take twitter to next level of your business and start measuring your performance etc with Social Media Marketing and twitter.

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