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Which Comment Management System to Improve Blog

Do you have a blog for your business? Do you allow comments from your users?

It is one of the toughest tasks for the bloggers to manage the discussions around post and identifying which post is or comments are of value and which are spams.

This article will help you find the best blog commenting systems and the features that can make them a great choice for your blog.


It is guaranteed that whenever you will post a comment you will be receiving some spams in your blog comments. Comments that are irrelevant or completely away from the topic will be posted by the people, they will even share their own website links. It is important for you to know that there is no such tactic, a plug-in or a comment system that can stop such people. Even if you have a registering system, such people will register and will drop in their links or leave spam comments.

But your blog requiring registration or by using advanced commenting systems will lessen the spam you could receive. However it could also reduce the overall number of comments on your blog. This is the matter to consider when choosing a blog comment system and configuring your settings.

Below are the famous comment systems used::

  1. Base Comment Systems:

Many blogging platforms for example WordPress, Tumbler and Blogger already is programmed with built-in commenting component.  The default comment module has to be enabled with Dupral.

Comment management system

Base comment system

With dependence of your platform, the base comment system will allow you to configure options as of people need to register for your website to comment, or they are free to comment with inclusion of their name, email and web address.

The main reason to use the base comment system is that it doesn’t include additions to your website. It usually is ready to go when you set up the website. Speed is the second reason. According to a study by Pingdom, it was revealed that the base comment system on wordpress is faster than the top third-party comment systems.

The disadvantage the base comment system has is that it only has basic features. To get advanced moderation functionality and spam handling, plugins are added to your website.

As for self hosted wordpress websites, Akismet (A plugin) can be installed, that uses algorithim to detect and automatic filtration of spam. Users of Dupral and wordpress can also try Mollam, which works similarly to Akismet to help fight spam. Between both of the two Akismet is the popular to be installed on the wordpress blogs.

Most of the people will be familiar with the base commenting system from any of the top platforms. The only element missing for some comment authors are their photos, as only other bloggers will have their images linked to their accounts or emails.


  1. Facebook Comments:

With Facebook being the most popular social media network, the second most used comment system is the Facebook Comments. Facebook having around 968 millions of active users, you can be sure that the people visiting your blog not only will have a Facebook account but will also be logged into it.


Facebook comments

The users visiting your blog can comment either by using their personal profile or can drop down to use a Facebook business page instead by clicking a post button. The users will get notifications when their posts is being liked or replied through Facebook.


The system enables the content created and the blog owner to know the people who read and comment to their posts. Depending on the comment author’s privacy setting you will be able to see the commenter’s location, job title, school and other relevant information.

Also there is a sharing option that is built in. the people commenting can check a box to post it on facebook, which allows them to instantly share your post to the audience of facebook while commenting.

This commenting system is great for people who don’t mind to get publically linked via comments. Other than that people may less likely to comment on personal topics with their profile picture and links on blogs.

Facebook comment can be installed in many ways. One way is to use the comment plugin code generator to have a code and then install it on your website or by facebook comments plugin for WordPress. Whereas, it can be shopped by paying $2.99 a month.


  1. Moderation Features by Disqus
Moderation features by disqus

Moderation features by disqus

If you regularly read websites like ABC News, Mother Jones, TMZ or Fashionista youll be familiar with Disqus.

It is a comment system that requires the authors to create an account through email or from their facebook , google+ or twitter acoountsl. Once the account is created it can be used with any website with the Disqus comment system.

When a comment is left via Disqus, it is notifies through email each time the blog post gets a new comment, when the comment is liked or when they get a direct reply from someone. It is a good reminder to notify people for returning to your website for discussion.Disqus can be used to tag people in a comment.

Also if someone wants to follow a comment they can subscribe directly with or without commenting on the post. The visitors can also share a particular post discussion on facebook or twitter. Inappropriate comments can also be flagged to help the moderators remove it.

Disqus offers advanced capabilities that the business bloggers would love. Disqus is enables to publish comments, which can be held for moderation or allow specific verified emails’ one to be published. Additional moderators can be set up to login and moderate comments. Plus comments can be analyzed; you can have information about a specific comment and much more.

One of the great features you can have with Disqus is the stories box at the end of your Disqus comments. This can be used to keep visitors on your website by directing them to another posts on your website.

Disqus can be installed on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Squarespace, Drupal and Joomla foe free. Disqus engage can simple be registered using the same account you are commenting with and it will guide you through the setup process for each of the platforms.


  1. Continued Discussion via Livefyre


Livefyre is another famous comment system and somehow similar to Disqus. This system is likely to be viw=ewed on variety of websites such as CBS Sports, Hootsuite, CNET, MarketWatch, Salom and NewYork Magazine.

Like Disqus people who want to comment will have to sign up for free a Livefyre account, which can be created via email or by their Linkedin, Google+, Twitter or Facebook accounts. Comment authors can like comments, reply or tag people.

Similary as Disqus the visitors can follow a conversation with or without commenting, as well as can share particular comments by posting the link to Facebook or Twitter.

Powerfull administrative features is offered by Livefyre for blog owners, which includes spam protection, whitelists, blacklists, multiplr moderators, individual activity repots and much more.

Livefyre can be installed on Tumblr and WordPress by creating a free account or signing in with the account you use on Livefyre.


Best Comment Management System For You Is?

The comment management system of your choice will depend upon the technology that works with your blog or content management system. You would also want to find out that which one is the most user friendly for both you and your readers.

This can be done by doing some research of your own. Visit other popular blogs of the industry in you work and evaluate which one gets the most comments using a particular system. That can turn out to be the best option for you and your blogging system.

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