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Control RSS Feeds Footer in Your WordPress Website

During the past few years the WordPress website has gained immense importance in the lives of the people. The website is used by many people for many purposes. Some people use the website as a blog while others make their own websites on WordPress. Whatsoever the reason is, the users always want to learn and experience the new features of the websites. Almost every day a new user gets himself registered on this website platform.

If you are a beginner on this website then you might have noticed the RSS footer in WordPress. This footer enables you to see a specified text at the end of every page. This footer only appears when you use RSS feed. Otherwise, the footer is not visible on the blog. This footer can be used by downloading the RSS footer.

The plugin has many benefits of its own. When the footer is present on the bottom of the page, then it shows link back to your website. Thus it prevents your data and makes the text steal proof. As nowadays there are many spam websites that steal data form your RSS feed and then they paste that data on their own website with their own identity, so in such a situation using the RSS footer plugin might prove to be a security lock for your website data.

Besides, using the footer for security purpose. You can also use the footer to publicize or advertise your products. If you have a new upcoming story for your blog or a new event then you can use this footer to build the curiosity of your users or visitors.


After installation of your plugin if at first your feed burner does not show up the footer, then click on troubleshootize, here click on resync. Clicking the button will change your settings instantly.

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