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How to Customize WordPress Login Page (No HTML/CSS Required)


Are you interested in learning how to create a customized login page? If yes, then this article is helpful for you. We will discuss entirely about the creation as it is something called a great addition for multi-user website. The best part is that we will help you with creation of a WordPress login page but without any CSS or HTML.

We will show you much more in future articles such as changes to WordPress logo, etc. These are something you will find difficult. The customization of your login page can be done through a new method i.e by using the WordPress theme customizer but remember that no coding skills are required in this method.

The main thing that you are required to do is to activate and install a plugin namely Custom Login Page Customizer plugin. For activation, go to Appearance >> customize section. This section is found in the WordPress admin. For you, this will launch a built-in WordPress theme customizer.

In this theme customizer, you will see the new “login customizer” tab. This can be seen in the side pane. You will see the login customizer controls on clicking. Just like you can customize your WordPress theme on the Login customizer page, you can even customize your login page.

For the purpose of replacing the default WordPress logo, you need to first upload your own logo. Then the next step for you would be to add a background image and choose a background colour. Don’t worry much as you can also choose a different image for login form container.

Customizer panel contains some self-explanatory options that you are asked to go through for tweaking the appearance of your login page.

In the end, just save and click the button at the top to publish.

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