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How to Earn Money online with your own Blog?


Earn Money Online

You might have heard or read somewhere that people make money online via blogs. This is true. This article will reveal the secret of making money online via Blog. I am here to present seven different ways to earn money online. Before describing each of them, I would like to list them to make it easier for the reader;

1-Affiliate Marketing

2-Google AdSense

3-Course and/or Services




7-Subscribing visitors

Affiliate marketing

Earn money online with Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

A technique to affiliate the product with the publisher is commonly known as Affiliate marketing. This is one of the most popular way to market the product or service that then results in higher returns for the businesses.

Affiliate marketing is also defined as a performance-based marketing as on every single click, the business pays to the webmaster/publisher.

Publishers has defined this type of marketing as the best way to gain a higher traffic to a website.

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As mentioned above, affiliate marketing is considered as a useful method to drag traffic to a website which then ultimately results in high yield.


Increase in Affiliate sales

There is normally a concept seen that earning money online is the easiest way to earn living. Let me prove this wrong. Taking an example of a shoe store and a Street hawker. Street hawker makes efforts and sells the product he is selling but a shoe store manager makes no effort and wait for the client to enter their store.

Hence it is all about the efforts that one makes.

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Success in affiliate marketing is easy but as per the publishers, a trick is used. If you are using the right trick, no one can steal your success. There are some factors that needs to be considered for the success of affiliate marketing are listed below;

  • Niche
  • Marketing
  • Target audience
  • Choice
  • Patience


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Other than considering these few features mentioned above, I would like to share some other secrets to gain success in affiliate marketing. Keyword research is an essential factor that needs to be considered whenever it comes to affiliate marketing. Keywords are the phrases or a word that a user uses while searching. A successful publisher is the only one who can find the right keyword.


For affiliate marketing, keywords are essential. All I can suggest you is to contemplate some steps by clicking


Types of affiliate programs

For the purpose of affiliate marketing, there are some affiliate programs that should not be ignored. You must have heard about Google affiliate network, Commission junction, etc.

Detailed knowledge of Affiliate programs can be found by clicking the link below;


Onilne Money making

Earn Money Online via Google AdSense

Google AdSense

A program run by Google that assist the publishers to earn handsome amount. Google offers some advertisements that the publishers post on their website. As a result, the publisher earns on every visit.

Google AdSense displays all kind of businesses around the globe. Google reviews the visits made on a website and pays the publisher.

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Where a publisher is looking for greater visits by the targeted audience, Search engine optimization is the most essential factor to consider.

Moving on with SEO, it is itself a big concept that helps in driving traffic to a website. I have already discussed SEO before; to review click on the link below;

In conclusion to Google AdSense, I just wanted to remind the readers that without Search Engine Optimization, it is difficult to get traffic to your website.



Services helps earning a handsome amount.


I believe everyone around the globe owns some skills. These skills can be any such as a beautiful voice or a good face to offer audio/video recording service. The service can even be compiling financial services, selling clothes, content writing, fast typing speed, etc.

There are some publishers who do not base themselves on Google AdSense but sell their services by completing projects. This is an interesting part as one being passionate for something can sell his/her passion.

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Advisory service


This is basically the consulting service offered by one who in return charges a fee. Many dollars can be earned by consulting few clients. People consult for every of their problem. For example, a skype session can be conducted where you can consult the client and charge the fair value.


Banner Ads

Banner Ads

This is a very simple thing to make you understand. This is something similar to how it sounds. Banner Ads are posted by the publishers as a result of which they get paid by the business owners. This is a very common practice.




With the increased use of internet, readers have now switch to their laptops for reading online books. Hence this has become a way of generating revenue for writer. Amazon is a platform that promotes E-books. There are many other platforms that you can search.

Email Marketing Boost Your Sales

email subscribers list

Email subscribing

This is adding some new subscribers to email list that will help in email marketing. When doing this, remember to post some interesting and attractive contents so that the visitors revisits.



This was all. Looking for more detail, comment below.


About Maira Sheikh

Maira sheikh is the co-founder and the content writer of Bloggingrex who has been writing since January 2014. By qualification, she is an ACCA. Writing is her passion and therefore moves her career in writing contents, press releases, stories and much more. she has been writing for different websites including seorex, knownmobile, etc. Due to her increased enthusiasm, she has moved towards blogging.


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