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How to Find and Replace Text with One Click in your WordPress Database

Running a big scale blog can sometime prove to be a task of great focus. It requires a lot of time and plenty of your concentration. Thus sometimes you are in a need of changing your domain. But changing your domain can also create a new hurdle for you.

On your previous blog if you run your domain with a different style and setup, then it becomes quite difficult for you to switch to a new domain. Because in that case you have to go to every old URL and have to paste that in the new URL. Besides, this if you have made any mistake in typing the URL, then you have to go through all the previous posts and have to look out for the word that you spelled wrong. Obviously this is pretty much time consuming. Here we will guide you that how you can easily replace your data.


To replace your data, you have to go to PHPmyAdmin, here click on database and open up SQL. Here you need to paste the following code.

Besides, WordPress this above mentioned code is suitable for all kinds of MySQL database

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