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Google Authorship guide – how to get your pictures in search results

Before publishing this article, number of people raised questions about Google Authorship. This article is to help those who are interested in knowing how they can get their picture in search result.
Google Authorship

While searching, I am sure that you all have noticed that some search results has a picture attached. If you haven’t noticed then we request you to go through it once. This is known as Google Authorship.
You must be confused with what this mean? Stay calm and read below.
Google Authorship is that an author of a website has requested to claim content which is similar to their own work. This can also be the verification of contents that you have posted on other websites.
Being humans, a general problem that we all have is finding out the advantage of everything we look at. I am sure you must be thinking about how Google Authorship is beneficial. We request to read below for the main advantage of Google Authorship.
The two main advantages are listed as follows;
1- Enhanced reputation
2- Increased visits
We are going to elaborate both the benefits so that you understand properly.
Enhanced reputation
What is reputation? This would be a really stupid question if anyone ask as this is something we all know. Well reputed businesses help in greater services demanded by people or you can say a higher product sale can take place.
Reputation and links are directly related as people normally with poor reputation have less links. This is natural as we are also among those who avoid people with bad reputation.
When coming to online website, the reputation is built with the number of articles you post on your website. i.e when your articles are posted, your picture will also appear and you are at the stage where you have taken an initiate to build your reputation. In addition, you will be able to authorship link to all other contents that you will post online.

Increased visits

The visits to your website might increase if you have a picture with your search result. You must be aware how curious people are to watch picture of any person. It would be beneficial in every way to use Google Authorship. With this a higher click rate will be achieved and for a website, the higher the click, the higher is the earning. It would in other way rank the website on top.

After the benefits, you will definitely look for the way via which you will become successful in getting your picture in search result. This is now the signing in process for Google Authorship.

How to sign-up?

This is very easy as all we request you to do is to follow few steps we have mentioned below;

Step-1; Sign-up to Google+ i.e if you do not have a Google+ account, then create it at this time and get your profile set up.

Step-2; Photo is an important thing in this process. Make sure you upload your original photo as Google only allows real pictures. Upload your best picture here.

Step-3; No fake name should be used. Make sure that you use your own name that will then appear to all the pages you will post your content.

Step-4; As this is the fourth step, here you will need to link Google+ to your content you posted. This can be done in two different ways as follows;

1-Verification of email address;

This process will add your email address to the section namely “Work Section” of your Google+ profile. A verification of email address is important and this will ensure that you have an email address on similar domain as your content.

2- Link the Content to Google+

This is important as if you don’t have this, Google will not link your content to your profile. Don’t forget to add a reciprocal link from Google+ profile to the website where you posted your content.

This was all you need to do. Now wait for a day or two for your picture to appear in search result. If you are willing to check that, use ‘Structured data testing tool’.

Make sure that you follow all the above steps. I would like if you give me your feedback via comment.

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Maira sheikh is the co-founder and the content writer of Bloggingrex who has been writing since January 2014. By qualification, she is an ACCA. Writing is her passion and therefore moves her career in writing contents, press releases, stories and much more. she has been writing for different websites including seorex, knownmobile, etc. Due to her increased enthusiasm, she has moved towards blogging.

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