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Google is Launching Penguin 3.0 Today?

Google is Launching Penguin 3.0 Today?Google said that its complicated to refresh Google Penguin update that’s why it’s have been over 10 months since Google announced a Penguin update.

But today John Mueller hinted that Penguin 3.0 is really coming soon. In his video he talked about 21 min and 40 sec. He highlighted that “Engineers are working on” and agrees on that it’s not that far away. Google really likes launching its larger algorithms on Friday afternoons.

All algorithm change tracking tools are going bit nuts in the week, letting in Mozcast, Algoroo, SERP Metrics and

Well I wouldn’t be surprise if Penguin was released in the next weeks it not on this afternoon.

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  1. It didn’t launch on the 15th, and instead has rolled out unexpectedly today. It looks to be a big one, also, as I see A LOT of movements and many SERP pages changing completely.

    I’ve just written about it here:

    • Google has now confirmed Google Penguin 3.0 released late Friday night but we don’t yet know what percentage of queries were affected. It seems that there is no signs yet of a large-scale Penguin shake-up according to data from various SEO reporting tools.

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