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Hotjar Review: The Next Generation Tracking Tool

Hotjar is an analytics tool which assist a blogger to check how visitors are using your website. With this tool, you can collect feedbacks and can also turn the visitors into your customers. This information is most important if you own a website and you wish to earn from it. You will definitely focus more on what post your customer liked the most, what is the behavior of visitors while visiting your website and much more. Using the Hotjar tool will sort out many confusion in your mind and you mind get answers to your questions. The following are the few reasons for which we would recommend you to use Hotjar tool,

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1-Customers Behavior

When creating a page on Facebook, you always go to see the insights so that you can get to know how well your page going and what customers are liking it is. In the same way, when you are having a blog/website, you are curious to know what customer’s behavior is after visiting your website. This is the most important information you need to get customers. Hotjar provides you a Heatmap feature that will assist you in knowing all the details about the visitors including how many visited the website, how much time did them spent and much more. This will help you know which webpage of yours is getting the maximum attention.

2-Feedback of Consumer

Hotjar gives a feedback poll feature that give a chance to create a connection with consumer. A feedback form is presented in front of your consumers that contains some simple questions that will assist you in understanding what is the thing that visitors like the most when visiting your website. This feature by Hotjar will also assist you in knowing how many areas needs improvements and what strategy can you apply to enhance the satisfaction level of your customers.

3-Consumer Connect

This is the best feature this tool has. Visitors becomes the live viewers where this tool is used as they are directly involved in the development of the website. Using the feature will help visitors in sharing the reviews. This will enhance your connection with your customer for the long run.

4-Free Installation Process

This is just like a piece of cake kept in front of you. This can be done by visiting the official website and enter the website Name and URL. After clicking continue, you will enter a registration page. You are enter details and the click to create your account. When you are done with sign-up process, the hotjar tool will provide you with a tracking code that you will be asked to enter on your website. This is vital as before entering a code, Hotjar won’t track the visitors on your website.

Hotjar is currently running the Beta version that will be available in affordable price.

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