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How Email Marketing Boost Your Sales?

Email marketing by its name is very easy to define. We know that you have understood this as marketing through emails. This is correct but for those who has not yet understood let us make it simple for you. Email marketing is a type of marketing where a group of people are emailed an advertisement related to the company you are working for or any product or service.

Sales via email marketing increases in a way that when that group of people opens the email sent to them and clicks on the link, the traffic to the website increases due to which the sales also increases.

This is not the easiest way of marketing as you are feeling at the moment. We are not in a mood to discourage you and therefore we will be discussing all the techniques used in email marketing.

Email Marketing Boost Your Sales

We have found out that around 7% of all ecommerce transaction are due to email marketing and therefore email marketing is important for a business. The following are few tips that should be used for email marketing;

First, make the customer read out the email they are sent. There are many people who just see an email and directly delete it and this is because they feel that the email is fake. Make the subject of the email attractive to the targeted market i.e. to the group of people the email is being sent.

Second, Perform A/B testing. This is time consuming but on the other hand, it is effective too. This will assist you to figure out which email have the largest impact after having higher engagement rate. We will be discussing more about A/B testing in our next article.

Third, make a cart abandonment email setup to identify bugs and make an improvement to the conversion rate. This is one of the high value focus area where we recommend you to be careful. Where one has added an item to a cart, they will be considered as your potential customers.

Fourth, strengthen your relationship with your customers by rewarding them as it is of high importance.

Next tip for you is to segment your customers by loyalty to reactivate the customers who became dormant. In addition to this please be prepared for the seasonality of the product.

Give your customers a surprise by giving them high discount offers, free gifts, etc.

Count all your transactional email and let it be counted. This transactional email should reflect your customer the status of the order they has placed with you.

Milestones are also required to be setup for special occasions of your customers including birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Make efforts to take the email beyond the inbox so that it could be viewed with patience by the people and they make their mind for purchasing a particular product.

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