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How to Add Email This Option in Your WordPress Posts

Communication is one of the most important features of a social life. A man can only be silent either he is deaf or dumb but for a physically fit person it is very important to communicate with other person. There are number of ways of communication in this world, email is one of them. The invention of email technology is one of the latest technologies of this century. This new technology opened many new doorways for the people. The invention served to be a new medium of communication. Through this now people can easily communicate with each other. Nowadays the WordPress also allows its users to email any post directly to their friends.

If you are a blog owner and want to add email this option plugin in your account then here we will guide you about the procedure.

To add email this option plugin in your account, at first you need to download a plugin WP-email. After installation, activate the plugin. Once you have activated your plugin go to WP admin. Now click on settings and then on permalinks.

Here click on save changes. To regenerate the permalinks this step is mandatory. Next you have to modify the plugin settings.

email this

Now you need to edit the following pages page.php, single.php, loop.php, post.php

Here find the following code:

Now in that loop paste the following code:

The code should only be used if you want to show the email in every post. If you want that you email is not visible in every post then you should not use the above mentioned code. Instead of this just type the email link in a selected page. This will show the link on the following page.

If you download a modified version of template then you can also show the email stats such as most emailed posts and total posts emailed.

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