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How to Automatically Logout Idle Users from WordPress?

The WordPress CMS has become quite popular among the people. But when you use the CMS as a multiple author then sometimes you may find some difficulty in controlling the users. The no of users using the WordPress may slow the speed of the system and thus it might result in a down server. Besides this, the idle users might favor in hacking your system. To minimize these kinds of problems, you can make your own WordPress settings.

Now on WordPress you can automatically logout idle users using the plugin. To log out the idle users, at first you need to install the WordPress idle logout plugin. This plugin will help you to remove the idle users. After installation, activate your logout plugin and go to settings. Here click on idle logout plugin.

Idle Logout

In the next step, enter the idle time you wish to set up for the idle users. Usually the time is 3600 seconds. But you can set the time as per your own wish.

After this you need to enter the message that will be displayed to the idle user when they will be automatically logged out. You can type your own message, but the most common message being used is “due to inactivity, you are logged out of this website”. After typing your message, save your settings.

You can check your saved settings by opening the browser from a different source. After opening the website, allow the website to be remained open for the idle time you have set in your plugin. The website will be automatically closed after the given time.


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