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How to Create a Facebook Page

Facebook is a social media network where users connect with each other. This is a commonly used network which is nowadays used by businesses for the purpose of promoting their business. This promotion is a cheaper way of promotion.
At the moment, you must be thinking how is it possible? It is not at all difficult.
Businesses nowadays create a Facebook page i.e. known as their fan page. This fan page helps them grow all over the world. This is a route via which traders can trade globally.
How to create a Facebook page?
This is not at all difficult. You only need to follow several steps listed below:
Step 1-
Go to Facebook.
Step 2-
You are not supposed to sign up for an account instead click create Facebook page which is highlighted with blue color

Facebook, Facebook Page,
Step 3-
The next step will be that you have to wait for the continuation page that will come after you click create page option.
Step 4-
You will see many options such as local business, community, brand/product, etc. Here you need to be careful and click the correct option, i.e. if u are already existing in market and you are willing to promote your brand name, then you are to click brand there.

Facebook, Facebook Page,
Step 5-
Now you will be asked to name the page. This page name could be changed if your page has less than 200 likes. We recommend you to suggest a very attractive name so that you can get many likes. In this step, you should also fill out the other general page info.

Facebook, Facebook Page,
Step 6-
Now the page is ready and you have to put up a profile picture, add contact so that you can publish your page with complete information.

These are some easy steps to create your Facebook page. Comment in the comment box and tell us how many of you followed the steps.

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