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How to Create a Video Slider in WordPress

Are you willing to add the video slider in WordPress? If yes, then this is a useful article for you as we will discuss the creation of a video slider in WordPress.


Use of Soliloquy for the creation of video slider in WordPress

Before telling what the use is, let us first tell you what a soliloquy is?

This is one of the best WordPress plugin. There are other plugins too but these might slower your website and it’s obvious that you will not like it. Soliloquy is the only one plugin that fasten up the website and is loved by all the bloggers due to this. By adding this plugin, the loading time of the page will be reduced. This plugin is mobile-responsive and you can easily create slides which work on every device plus on every screen size. Content videos and images can also be added using this plugin. In addition, this plugin allows multiple slide types.

Video slides to WordPress site 

Under this heading, we would discuss how to add video slides to WordPress site. Kindly read below and follow each step properly.

The first step is to install and activate the soliloquy plugin. For activation simply go to soliloquy>>add new.
The second step is to click on the button that say “click here to insert slides from other sources”.
Further a pop-up window will appear that will ask you to click on video slides tab and then click on “Add video slide” button.

In addition to all this above, soliloquy supports YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo where you can enter video URL. For the video, you will also be asked to add a title. Placeholder image for the video will also be needed for the time when video will not be playing. The placeholder image will also speed up the website.

A caption for video will also be asked but this would be optional.

Plus if you are willing to add another video then click to “add video”. When you are done with all this, then add slide to add video on slides. This slide will appear on new slide screen.

In addition, slide setting can be changed by clicking info icon.

Once you are done, just publish. You can even edit slider wherever you want to post.

For the purpose of posting, you will see the soliloquy button clicking which you will arrive at pop-up screen where you will then be asked to insert the slider into the post. If you wish to, you can preview your post.

Hope our article helped you in creating video slider.

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