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How to Do Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing?

We are all aware of affiliate marketing and therefore we won’t be describing in this article of ours that What Affiliate Marketing Is? 

When doing affiliate marketing, we all face a problem i.e what keywords is to be used to increase search engine ranking. Keywords therefore plays such an important role in every situation.

Keyword Research
Keyword research for affiliate marketing is an important matter that we will be discussing in this article. Keyword is basically that word which will help increase the websites ranking on search engine. When doing affiliate marketing, the major use is of keywords and therefore affiliate marketing is known to be an effective procedure of marketing. This is considered as a best way of marketing when earning online income.
When looking for a keyword research, there are several steps that you are asked to follow;

STEP # 1What is included in the checklist research?

– Are Users Looking For The Term?
– How Difficult It Is To Rank In Search Engine?
– Does the Keyword Plays a Role in Making Money Online
– Pillar Keyword
– Feeder Keyword
– Product Keyword

Step # 2 – learn properly how the checklist works?

To learn this, above included points in checklist will be discussed briefly;

Are the users looking for the term?

This is simple to understand as it means that what term is used mostly by people. If a particular term is not used, this means that no one wishes to know about that particular term.

How difficult is to rank in search engine?

We will not say that it is easy, it is a difficult task as ranking on top on Google is everyone’s dream. Let’s talk a little more about it, with affiliate marketing, search engine ranking is easier if the gravity of the product is higher. You must be confused with what a gravity of the product is?  Gravity of product means how much is the product demanding. If the gravity is higher, affiliate marketing would become easier and if the gravity of the product is lower than we are sorry to say but a lot of effort would be required. Keywords  normally has a higher competition and there are thousands of pages for one topic so to rank on top, all you have to do is to out rank those thousands of pages. Of course this is a tough job but making efforts never fails. We therefore recommend all the users to find out a keyword which has a lower competition.

Does the keyword plays a role in making money?

You must be thinking what kind of a question is this?  Trust us, this is an important question that should be answered actually. Keywords as stated above plays an important role in earning money online. In addition, there are different types of keywords, if it’s a buyer keyword, then it means that the visitor to the website has gained the maximum knowledge of the product and is now ready to purchase it. In affiliate marketing, this will be considered as a good tool.

Now let’s talk about type of keywords.

Pillar Keyword

This is a buyer keyword and are difficult to rank in search engine. These keywords are highly demanded and is therefore known as highly loaded. A larger number of people are using this keyword. These are normally used by websites with high quality content. Despite a greater use of these keywords for highly developed website, we can use them as with passage of time and efforts made, our website will grow and will be ranked on top.

Feeder Keyword

These keywords can be ranked easily in search engine without any back linking. The disadvantage to use such keyword is that these does not directly target the product you are selling.

Product Keyword

These are considered as the best in making sales and are highly targeted keywords. These are also known as the buyer keywords as here the visitor is at the end of the buyer cycle and is ready to make a purchase transaction.

For any query about keyword research and affiliate marketing, you can comment below.

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