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How to Get Started with Fiverr – Complete Guide

To take a start I would like to question you, how many of you have heard about fiverr? According to my research, there are millions of people in the entire universe who have never heard what fiverr is. These people would obviously include illiterate people, people who has never used a computer and those people who have different fields such as science student have normally no knowledge of search online earning websites. In this article, we are going to tell you ALL ABOUT FIVERR i.e. what it is? How to use it and much more.

Fiverr is a well organized website for people who wish to increase their earning by selling any service only for $5. Different services are offered by different people. For example, article writing services, vioicemail recording service etc. The services offered depends purely on the skills one has. This website is at its growth stage in the current time and is expected to increase more due to its increased use.

Before selling out the service one should know how to sell a service i.e. how can you take a start with fiverr?

Startup with fiverr

Signing up with fiverr is very simple. You can say that it is the easiest task to do. Let us now guide you how to join.

ENTER—–> LOOK at your right side above, you will see the join option, Click and start using fiverr.

How can a person sell service?

I am sure that you must be thinking how can one sell service i.e. what would be the way? Let us tell you the answer in a simple manner.

The services are offered by posting a Gig. Now you must be confused with what a gig is?

Gig;- A Gig is a way where you define what service you are about to offer. This means that Gig is a posting or you can say a way of advertizing via which the buyers of the services get aware of the service offered by a particular person.

The steps to post the gig is not at all difficult as when you login you see an option to CREATE GIG and following this option you can easily post a gig.


I know you must be confused with how can it be so easy to get online work? Stay calm because getting offers against your gig is not easy. If the gig you offered contains general language then you will hardly be asked to provide any service.

To get more offers from the buyers, you have to do some of the things which keeps importance for example overview all things in your account, keep your profile updated and don’t forget to describe yourself. Giving your description is one of the easiest task to do as you know well what you are good at and what not. This keeps more importance as the buyer is interested to know a little about you before asking you for the service.

Gig ideas

We know that after reading all the statements above, you are confused with what gig can you post? This is something you know better but we can show you the direction by giving some ideas as follows

  • Design logo
  • Edit logo
  • Write an article on technical matters/ general affairs
  • Design business cards
  • Design a brand
  • Make video testimonials
  • Sing a song
  • Write reviews
  • Let my parrot talk to you, etc.

These are just few examples for you. If you are willing to get more ideas, comment in the comment box.

More about gig to get orders

The gig you are about to post should be very attractive which means that you should offer a unique service and the wordings you are using when creating a gig should also attract people. There is no limit of orders on one gig that you have created. This means that unlimited people can ask you for the service you are providing. Through this your earnings will increase. Your gig will be automatically promoted by fiverr if you are receiving numerous orders.

Do you wish to become a top-rated seller on fiverr?

Everyone doing any business wants to grow i.e. you wish to lead the market. Using fiverr, this is not the case as there are level 1 seller, level 2 seller and top rated sellers. To reach on the top, you have to work hard i.e. when you complete first 50 orders on time, you will be promoted level 2 and on completion of more than 100 orders, you will be promoted to top rated. This isn’t that easy as all you need to do is to make efforts.

We all know that when we are at our growth stage, we get many benefits. Let’s take an example of a CEO of the company who will receive extra benefits other than his salary that includes accommodation benefit, car benefit, use benefit, fuel benefit, etc. In the same way when you are promoted to level 2 seller or to top rated seller, your gigs will automatically be promoted by fiverr and due to this your number of orders will increase and hence it will result in higher earning. In addition to this, extra tools will be accessible to you from fiverr and much more benefits will be received that will help to earn more than $5000-$6000 per month.

For any other information regarding fiverr, you can comment in the comment box.

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