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How to Install Google Webmaster Tool on a New Website

Google webmaster tool is known as a free service by Google to the webmasters. This help webmasters submit and check a sitemap and to analyse the internal issues of website.

The steps to install this tool is explained as follows:


This is the first step and is considered as the most important i.e. leaving this step, you will not be able to continue installing.

The step is to create a Google account by signing up. We are aware that signing up step is much simpler than any other step. It only requires some personal details such as your name, address, contact, etc to be included in a form that is given in front of you during the signup process.



Register for Google webmaster tool by signing in to webmaster tool. The same sign in ID/password would be used that you used to sign in to the Google account.


As you have logged in, now you have to add the website URL by clicking “add site” button and press to continue.



This step is a verification step where you are to verify that the URL, you have added is yours. There are different methods to verify including uploading HTML file, adding a META tag. Below are both the processes discussed.

Uploading HTML file: There is a file that you need to download. This could be downloaded by clicking to the link “this HTML verification file” and then from the root file, click verify for confirmation.


Adding a META tag: This is an alternative method to the above method discussed. It is considered as an easier method to download. The tag needs to be copied and to be added to the homepage of the website you selected.



After you verified, your next step is to download the Google file to your desktop and then upload the file to the root directory of your website.


Once the file has been uploaded to the root directory, continue and click to verify in the Google webmaster tool.

The installation process ends here and your further step is to manage your users. This is done by adding a button “add new user” and ask for their email address.

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