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How to Install WordPress on Bluehost Website in Just 4 Minutes?

When setting up a new website, people are normally confused with whether to start with WordPress or a blogger. When talking about blogger, the site is easier to build but it has limited resources. In such a case, WordPress has thousands of resources though a website is created with a little difficulty. Our personal recommendation is with using WordPress due to unlimited resources. 

Installation Process

Bluehost shared hosting is the best package to be used by the webmaster who has created a new website.
WordPress on bluehost could now be installed in just 4 minutes. There are several steps that needs to be followed,

Step#1- Choose The Right Plan And Make A Start

If you are new to a website, you need to careful when selecting the plan. As we are assuming that you have created your own website then we suggest you to choose plus plan. It is beneficial as it allows you to host unlimited websites.

Bluehost Packages

Step#2 – Choose a Domain Name

This is one of the very important work to do as domain name might not be available or be at premium. Click next to move on.

Choosing Domain Name, Bluehost

Step#3 – Registering With Bluehost and Making Payments.

Our users has considered this as a boring one as here all the basic credential details are asked to be entered such as your name, zip code etc. Confusion is created when there comes several packages. To help you with it, let us tell you that you will need to select a plan i.e. year 1 plan, year 2 plan etc. We suggest you to go with a shorter plan so that you could get a better experience. In addition, we also recommend you to read out the domain protection policy to get further knowledge and do follow it.
Final step in step # 3 would be to make payment. You will be asked to log into cpanel provided via mail.

Bluehost, Package, Billing, WordPress

Step#4 – Install WordPress On Bluehost

This is the final one and don’t worry as we are going to help you with it. Let us tell you that if you are new to it then there might be a popup. Kindly click on install option and continue.

WordPress, WordPress Bluehost, Bluehost

In the very next page, you will be hopefully asked to install WordPress. Moving ahead, bluehost will ask you to add a domain name where you need to install WordPress. After this, check domain name and continue.  When you are done, just wait for less than a minute and WordPress will be installed on bluehost and you will receive a WordPress login URL.

Now we congratulate you for installation in advance.
Enjoy now but remember that if you find any query about bluehost and wordpress, comment below and we will surely help you.

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