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How to Keep Your AdSense Account in Good Standing?

I won’t be describing what a Google AdSense is as I am sure we all are aware of it as nowadays it is commonly used term.

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In this article, we are going to help you with how can you keep your Google AdSense account in good standing and below are the ways mentioned to help you.


First, follow Google’s webmaster best practice

It includes avoiding use of irrelevant keywords, not to be deceptive plus avoiding long keywords, no different contents should be created for search engine, etc.

Second, don’t click your own Ads

This will be perceived as a fraud if you click your Ads all time. If this is done mistakenly by you then it is not a problem but never try to do it intentionally.

Third, create unique contents

This means that contents that harm anyone in society should not be created such as regarding alcohol, violent and adultery contents should not be created.

Fourth, don’t ask anyone for clicks

AdSense likes those who gets natural visits, asking for visits will end a day whereas direct traffic will be continuous.

Fifth, artificial gathering should be avoided

What do we mean by artificial gathering?  This is when we ask our family and friends to open our website. This is just a foolish act that we do as it is not useful at all.

Sixth, place the Ads in appropriate place

Don’t confuse your Ads with other Google Ads as it may create trouble for you.

Seventh, make your users know about cookies

Google requires you to have a privacy policy that will prevent anyone placing cookies on their browser.

Remember that Google helps it’s advertisers a lot.

This is a little what we discussed with you in this article. For further details on the same topic. Comment below for Google Adsense problems.

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