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How to Make Money Online with Dailymotion Publisher

Just like YouTube, dailymotion is a website where one can upload videos and can watch videos uploaded by others. To make money online, Dailymotion has its own video-monetization platform for the webmasters, website owners and for the publishers.

Dailymotion, Make Money

Dailymotion is easier to use than YouTube as here a user does not need to sign up for uploading the videos. There are less number of people using Dailymotion which means that less money could be made by content owners and the publishers.

How can we make money?

Make money with Dailymotion is not difficult as it has its own official and publisher program that helps content owners and publishers in making money. Let’s talk a little about these programs.

Official program

This program is helpful to the content owners and for the content creators who created their own videos or own a copyrighted material. The official partner is currently being offered a 70% of revenue share. To become an official user, just signup.

Publisher program

This program is used by website owners who own their personal websites or blogs and/or social media fan page. It helps us in earning in a way that users share the dailymotion videos on their blogs or website or on their social media networks for which dailymotion offers them a share of their revenue.

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