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How to Make Money with BuySell Ads?

BuySell ads are an alternative for AdSense. As in previous days, many people has their AdSense account being disabled due to different reasons, people are now trying to move to an alternative. BuySell Ads does not work like Google AdSense instead these are direct Ads. This is an advertising program where one has to get started with. They are very selective but are considered as powerful then AdSense. It allows you to add empty Ad spots in your website or blog you own and whenever any advertiser wishes to post their Ads on your website, they will contact BuySell Ads to inform you that they are interested.

The advantage of this to you would be that the Ad will be posted on your website for a period of minimum 30 days and the payment would be confirmed to you.


BSA charges you but less than Google AdSense as it plays a role of a medium between the publisher i.e. the website owner and the advertiser (the one looking for website to publish their Ads).

Get Started

Just like signing up at Infolinks, you also need to sign up for BSA. It requires the form to be filled which includes email, contact, etc. i.e. all personal details. By signing up, you have put your feet on the first step towards being on the BSA list where advertisers could easily find you. All details included should be true. This process of registration would end where you will receive an email from BSA to confirm your email.

BSA Publisher Account

Once the signing up process ends, you need to apply for the publisher account. Firstly you need to secure your money if involved by securing your password.

For the publishers account, you need to follow several steps as follows;

Step#1: Go to BuySell Ads Publishers and click to get start under publishers heading. Text boxes will arise namely, website title, website URL, description, channel, etc.

Under website title, you need to add your website or blog but there is a limit of 27 words that you need to take care of.

In website URL, you are advised to write the URL of your website.

Description is one of the most important text box to fill as around 10% of the approval of account depends on the description that you will about to insert. The biggest mistake that the users normally make is that they become careless when adding description.

Channel is the most important thing that a publisher should not avoid. Where your blog and the channel chosen contradicts, it is perceived as something is fishy. We ask all the publishers to be careful while selecting a channel.

When you are done with all above, you will have to wait for a while. You may receive approval or you may be disapproved. You need to keep patience. If you are not approved then please don’t worry and just work harder with more dedication.

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