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How to Make Money with Infolinks?

Due to highly competitive market, more of the people are moving towards online earning and it seems to be an easiest job but on the other hand, it requires lots of hard work and dedication. Patience is one of the most important thing that one has to keep when earning online.


Infolinks is a platform where online promotions are carried out. It offers advertisements for products and brands. Publishers pay infolinks to derive traffic on their website or to sale their products. It works in a way that the clicks and views are counted as part of your earning. Infolinks pays their publishers via paypal or payoneer once the publisher reaches $50 minimum in their account.

For blogging, if you are using a WordPress or blogger, you can setup infolink ads on your blog and start earning a small but decent amount of money. If using blogger, JavaScript code is to be added manually.

Get Started

The first most important thing to earn via infolinks is to get started. It is very simple as all you need to do is to sign up with infolinks where a form is to be filled that requires personal details including, name, address, email, contact, etc.


When you sign up for infolinks, an approval is done by infolinks that take around 2-3 days and maximum 4 days. An email is received within 4 business days.

How to Put Infolink Ads

This is one of the question that has raised in your mind but don’t worry, we are going to answer every question that will raise in your mind.

This work would be automatically done by infolinks after you receive an approval email. All you need to do here is that if you own a blog, then you need to add HTML code and if you own a website, you need to add plugin.


Amount of Earning

This is something we cannot tell you exactly as success is directly related to the hard work you do. Just like your normal earning, earning online also requires hard work. The more qualitative website content you have, the higher you will earn through ads. If the material on your website is of poor quality, you will hardly be able to earn.

Payment Method

Everything comes to an end but we know that a question might be clicking in your mind regarding the method of payment. As we stated above that payment is issued within 45 days if it reaches minimum $50 via paypal or payoneer. It’s not only these two methods, instead there are other methods too that you can choose such as wire transfer, western union, etc.


If any other question raises in your mind about make money with infolinks, you can ask us by commenting in a comment box.

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