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How to Redact the WordPress Text?

Writing your own blog and sharing your blog posts have always been a better way to let people know about your thoughts. For blog writing wordpress is very famous among the users. As a user, you enjoy writing the blogs in WordPress, but while writing your blog have you ever came across a situation when you need to redact your text.

The term redacting can be defined as a way to edit a text by blacking out the text for some legal or security purpose. When you redact a text then you actually remove the words from the text and in that empty space a black mark is shown. In this way the text is redacted. In this article we will guide you that how you can redact your text in WordPress.

To redact your text at first you need to install, Guerilla’s Redacted Text Plugin. The plugin requires no additional settings or configuration.

After installation, you can redact a new post or can make changes in the already existing one. Open your document and delete the text from the space where you want to redact. Now at that place, type the following short code.


The document will now show the black mark on that specific area.


The normal length or redacting is 6 character space. But you can also get a wider or small length blackout area. To get a large blackout area, you can use the following codes.

[redacted length=”medium”]

[redacted length=”large”]

[Redacted length=”extra-large”]

We hope this article really helped you to redact text in your WordPress blog posts.

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