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How to Resolve Continuous Logging out Problem in WordPress

While working on WordPress, many of the users have encountered the problem of continuous logging out of the screen. In such a situation you must have tried all the possible solutions but nothing has worked properly. But now you don’t need to worry about this problem, because here in this article we will guide you that how you can resolve this issue in just a matter of few steps.

When you enter the website URL in the top bar then it is very much important that the URL you are entering matches with the URL that is the default URL of the site. The WordPress has set a cookie in a browser that authenticate your login session. If the cookie has set up the URL as and you enter the URL as then the WordPress will not authenticate your session and you will be logged out of the screen.

To resolve this issue you have to check that what kind of URL is being saved in your dashboard. To confirm this you need to login into your dashboard panel. If you can’t get access there then you can also change the settings by editing the wp-config-php files.

Now open your file as an FTP client. Here you need to locate the root directory of your site. After locating download the file on your desktop. Now open the downloaded file in the notepad.

Here you need to type the codes on your screen. If you need a URL without www then you will type the following code.

And if you need a URL with www then you have to type the following code

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