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How to Run a Facebook Campaign (Step By Step Guide)

Facebook is a social media network where one can get a higher level of entertainment. This is a very useful site as now people can create business page and can trade all around the world. This has become easier and cheaper way for traders to trade.

Facebook Campaign

Facebook campaign is a way via which Facebook do advertisements for the companies. There are several steps that should be followed when you are to run a Facebook campaign.

Facebook Campaign

Step-1: Create An Ad

Ad is an easier thing to create as all you need to get to your way is to click the top right hand side of the browser where you will see the green button where it is written “create an ad”.

Create An Ad

Step-2: Select What to Advertise

Here, there are number of options that you can choose to advertise such as the URL, a post or the page.

Select What to Advertise

Step-3: Setup a Facebook Ad

This is not difficult to create. A simple knowledge you need to know here is that when setting up a Facebook ad, you have to write a short description to describe your ad. Preview of the ad will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen, if you wish to make any changes you can do it there.
Further steps will now be based on what audience you wish to target.

Setup a Facebook Ad

Step-4: Target the Audience by Geography

This means target audience country vise. This will depend on the forecast that where you are willing to sell your product or provide a service. Normally people here focuses more on developed countries if they are selling a luxury product.

Target the Audience by Geography

Step-5: Target by Age/ Gender

This is simple to understand as if you are selling a male product, your targeted audience will be male and if something that relates to females, then your targeted audience will be females. Age also matters in the same way.

 Target by Age/ Gender

Step-6: Generally Targeted Audience

This will include people with precise interest i.e some people might have a hobby of purchasing a product.  In addition this audience will include all other people we didn’t targeted specifically.
After this step, we recommend you to set an objective and follow further steps discussed below.

Generally Targeted Audience

Step-7: Pricing

When you are done with targeting, now set a reasonable price for your product or use different pricing strategies that may help in selling your product quicker than the time it would take with a fixed price.


Step-8: Review Ad

This is a step where you have to review your Facebook ad and confirm it so that it could be launched.

Review Ad

Step-9:  Launch Your Created Ad

This is the final step which is to launch the ad, you have created.

Launch Your Created Ad

For queries regarding to Facebook Campaign, we would like you to comment below.

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