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How to Show User’s IP Address in WordPress

In the world of today the internet technology has broadened itself to much extent. Now the people have derived various ways to hack the account of any other individual. These hackers damage your data and corrupts your file. Sometime they use the VPN login to hide their IP address and thus they damages your files in this way. As a WordPress user, if you want that you see the IP address of any individual user then here on this article you can learn about the way of displaying the IP address.

To make the IP address visible, first open your website theme functions.php file or specific site plugin. Here paste the following address.

In the next step, paste the following short code in your post, page or widget.


If your short code is not visible on your side bars then before adding your short code, make sure that you have enabled your sidebar widget.

You can also use the above mentioned ways to make your website an IP detection website. When any user log in to your website then they will be able to see their own IP address.

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