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How to Switch From Jetpack to Mailchimp or Any Other Email Subscription

When you start writing your own blog then there is a need that you should monitor your blog continuously. To serve this purpose many beginners use the jet pack email subscription. But as the time progress you will realize that your blog requires a more powerful and advanced subscription. These advanced services include mailchimp or Aweber. If you are already using the jet pack services then here we will teach you that how you can move from Jetpack to mailchimp or Aweber.

When you use Jetpack then through that service although you can post to your blog through email but many advanced services cannot be carried out through that email subscription.

To switch form Jetpack to mailchimp or Aweber firstly you need to obtain the email of all your subscribers. Now login into your WordPress site and go to Jetpack. Here select the site stats. Now scroll down and click on blog subscribers. By clicking this you will see two lists of subscribers. The first list is of WordPress users. You cannot download or copy that list.

The second list is for email only subscribers. You can download all these emails by clicking on download all email only followers as CSV link.

Download Jetpack Subscribers

Now you have the list of all your email subscribers. You can import this file to any of the other email subscriptions. To import these emails, login into your mailchimp account. Here next to your name, click on the drop down arrow and then click on import.


Clicking the import button will generate a variety of options for you. Here click on the first option, import from the CSV file.

Import From CSV

All the email subscriber list will be added to your account. If you wish to use Aweber or any other email then same method is applied.

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  1. How do you stop Jetpack from sending new post notifications to subscribers? I’ve moved my subscriber list to mailchimp and now want to make sure jetpack no longer sends email messages on my behalf.

    • Thanks Tred for commenting on BloggingRex. Here is your solution,
      Just go to the Jetpack page on your admin page, click learn more on the “subscriptions” and then click deactivate. It’ll keep all your subscribers, just won’t email them then.

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