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How to Transfer Domain Name from One Person to Another?

Let’s be general and not waste time in reading out the long paragraphs for transferring domain. We are assuming that you have purchased the domain on your name and we are assuming that you know what a domain is and what’s it’s use?

Domain Transfer

When you are willing to transfer your purchased domain on someone else’s name then you are advised to follow few step which will mention as follows,

Step # 1- Updated Contact Information

Before any other step you carryout, you need to make sure that you have updated your contact information when you purchased the domain and wishes to transfer to any other person’s name. This other person could be anyone. This isn’t restricted to anyone such as to your family members. If the information you have added is not updated, then you can update the information by your current registrar’s control panel. Where you are in a process of transferring your domain name, you will be contacted during the process by both the old registrar and the new registrar.

Step # 2- Email Setup with another Service

Don’t get confuse with what service we are talking about. There are many people who use email services and this is the email address tied to your domain. When going through a transfer process, you will lose the email service you are using so we would advise you to have another email account such as Gmail, hotmail or yahoo which will become the secondary mean of communication.

Step # 3- Make a Request to Unlock Your Domain

This request is to be made to the current registrar or you can yourself unlock by going in the domain section of your domain control panel.

Step # 4- Make a Request for Authorization Code

A code is required when you wish to transfer your domain name on other. For the code you are to make a request to the registrar and this will be made available with 5 days. The other ways is again going in the control panel and requesting there.

Step # 5- Make Sure You Have Not Transferred Your Domain to Someone Currently

Transfer of domain to one person is possible. If you have recently transferred your domain then you cannot transfer to someone else. The domain should be more than 60 days old if you are to transfer. This is the requirement of Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers. This organization manages addresses on the internet.

All the above steps were to leave the old registrar and now the following are for the transfer;

Step-1: Go Through the Support Page for New Registrar

When transferring, the domain will be dependent on which service you wish to transfer. All the instruction posted should be read out carefully.

Step-2: Make a visit to the transfer page

You cannot get access to the page until you create an account with the registrar. In the control panel, an option is available that says to transfer domain section. If you don’t find the option, then you can only contact to the registrars support staff.

Step-3: Enter Domain Which Is Being Transferred

In life, a time comes when you transfer all the domains at once. Make sure you enter whichever you are transferring. There is no need to add www.

Step-4: Enter the Code

We have mentioned above that an authorization code is to be asked for. The same code will be asked to enter here. Please do enter the exact code.

Step-5: Verification

At this step, you will be contacted by your old registrar who will ask you if you authorize the transfer you are making. This is the stage where your correct contact information is important.

Step-6: Payment

Nothing is the world is free of cost and in the same way transfer payment will also be asked for and you will have to pay it. It might be possible that you get a free transfer.

Step-7: Waiting Time

At this step, keep some patience and wait for the settings to be transferred properly. DNS and the name server will be configured by your new registrar that you have authorized. After the transfer made, few days’ time will be taken for the DNS to change and recognized worldwide.

Step-8: Private Domain

You are decide here whether you need a private domain for which you will have to pay extra cost. In this step the registrar offers you a kind of help in a way that instead of your name, registrar’s information will be displayed.

Step-9: Cancellation of Service

This is the final step when your domain transfer is done, now just cancel the service with the old registrar as you no longer need it. Before cancellation, don’t forget that transfer domain made is successful.

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