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How to Use PageSpeed Insight to Make Website Mobile Friendly

Nowadays making a website of your own is not a big task. In the matter of minutes you can become an owner of your website. But running that website with a professional touch in it is a task that requires patience, attention and your concentration. When you are a website owner then have to be very careful that your website is feasible for all the users all across the world. You have to be cautious that your website covers all aspects of your business. It should be user friendly to the visitors.

In older days the websites optimization was not much popular among the people, but as the mobile technology has gained popularity now almost every person owns a smartphone. This smart phone is similar to their desktops and this has replaced the needs of laptops and computers. Now a person can easily log in to any website through his smart phone. If you also want to optimize your website with the mobile device then you have to keep in mind some important points.

pagespeed insights

Recently, Google has launched the new version of page insights. PageSpeed insight is a tool that helps a user to optimize the website on mobile in a better way. With this tool one can change the font or other details for the mobile device. Recently some new tools of page insights have been updated by Google. The usability recommendation of these tools can be stated as follows:

Adjusting the font size:

When you offer your website for your mobile then you have to be sure that the font you are offering is fit for all mobile devices out there. It should not be too large that the user as to scroll the screen again and again and it should not be too small that the user has to zoom the content.

Selecting the tap targets:

In comparison to a keyboard cursor, the mobile user has to use the touchscreen tap. Thus he has to be cautious while tapping that he don’t tap the wrong button. So when you offer your mobile website then be sure that your touchscreen taps are large enough to be tapped easily.

Additional plug-ins:

When a user opens any website and it requires an additional plugin for proper working then the site cannot be rated as a friendly site. As many smartphones do not support the additional plugins so if you want to launch a mobile friendly website then you have to develop a website that do not rely on additional plugins.

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