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How to Use Payoneer Master Card in Pakistan?

How to use Payoneer master card in Pakistan?

Payoneer Master Card is a debit card via which we can carry out transactions i.e. can purchase anything around the globe and can also receive money around the globe. With increased success of Payoneer, it has now become very easy for anyone to get it.

In Pakistan payoneer was not commonly known but with increased developments in the country, more of the people are now aware of payoneer and they receive the card for free via airmail. It does not require any bank account.


To apply for a payoneer master card is not at all difficult as all one has to do is to go to Payoneer and now signup for the account. Signing up process is not a difficult task to do as a form is required to be filled. The basic information that you need to fill is your name, email, contact NIC, etc. They will also ask you for a security question that you have to remember along with its answer for the security purpose.

The details that you are about to enter should be true and not misleading.

Delivery Timing

The master card would be delivered within 30-60 days and the amount can be withdrawn from the local banks of the country. Some examples are: Faysal Bank, MCB, SCB etc.

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