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How to Use WordPress Permalinks

One of the feature of WordPress is permalink that has a major impact on the success of your website or blog. This feature is the least understandable feature. These are basically permanent URLs to your weblog post. There are three types of WordPress permalinks namely default ugly, pretty permalink (mod_rewrite) and Path info (almost pretty).

To use permalink, one has to first choose a permalink structure which has a small step. In the setting option there is an option of permalinks panel. Using structure tag, one can choose custom structure. Automatically WordPress chooses a default permalink structure which is not a user-friendly structure and should be avoided. These have question marks. Search engines prefer to use friendlier URLs.


Other than default permalink structure, all others are search engine friendly. These include both pretty permalink and almost pretty. To use these permalink structures, WordPress first has to modify the .htaccess file of your website. This is done automatically by WordPress but if it fails to do so then a code is to be added manually. There is a proper guidance available to do this manually but if you find this difficult then you should first talk about the company to your web hosting company. Communication with web hosting company should only take place where a query arises otherwise you should continue. They will help you by adding a code themselves so that you will be able to change the structure automatically. In the custom structure field change, a list known as structure tag is shown that contains 10 structure tags. These 10 structure tags are as follows,

  • %postname% – The post slug of your post
  • %post_id%– The unique ID of a post
  • %category%– The category a post was assigned to
  • %year%– The year the article was published
  • %monthnum%– The month the article was published
  • %day%– The day the article was published
  • %hour%– The hour the article was published
  • %minute%– The minute the article was published
  • %second%– The second the article was published
  • %author%– The author name

We know that now you must be confused that which is to be selected. We can help you with selection too. The most used permalink structures are as follows;

1-Post Name – this is one of the most popular one as it builds short memorable URLs. This is suitable for websites that publish multiple times during a day.

2-Category and Name – this permalink structure creates a hierarchical structure of content on websites and make sure that the visitors are aware of the category.

3-Day and Name this is suitable for a website where there is a high traffic as it publishes numerous articles a day.

4-Month and Name – this is used where the two characters are shorter than day and name.

We recommend you to use Day and Name permalink structure if you have a website where you publish dozens of articles per day. For any other website, make use of Post Name permalink structure.

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