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How to Verify Google AdSense Account without PIN Code?

Google AdSense account is an account that is required by every webmaster, owner or publisher so that they can receive and pay money to Google for their website. It is therefore known as one of the most useful account and is considered as best in advertising.

Google send a pin code to the webmasters when their earning from Google get minimum $10. This pin is basically used to verify the identity and the address you provided. There are some countries that do not have a good post service and because of this, they fail to receive the pin code which later becomes a problem for them.

Google AdSense Account without PIN Code

We as humans worry a lot but remember that now you should stay calm as verification of Google AdSense account can be done without a pin code. How?

Ok, we are going to tell you how can this happen. Read Below.

When you are to verify your Google AdSense account and you do not have a pin code, it is must that you have a proof of identity document.

Proof of identity here means a national id card, electricity bill or a driving license. To verify without a pin code, follow the steps below;

>>>> Open your Google AdSense account

>>>> Click on notifications

>>>> Thirdly, you have to click to complete the form if you don’t have a pin code.

If you don’t receive a pin code, you can verify your address in the following way;

  • Enter your Email
  • Secondly, enter your publisher’s identity number
  • Now upload you identification card. (this card could again be a driving license, national id card or your electricity bill or any utility bill)

After you are done, click to submit. Your work ends here and Google team will soon approach you.

For any query about Google AdSense, write us in the comment box below.

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