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How to Improve Your 404 Page Template in WordPress

Normally when we are working, we see some types of errors. 404 errors are especial type of errors that should not be experienced by as they are not good for user experience. There are ways to fix the 404 error that we will show you. In this article, we will specifically discuss how can you improve 404 errorĀ so that you can create a much useful 404 template page.
How 404 page template normally look like?
This page is one of the most neglected page by the users. In WordPress, it is handled by a file name 404.php. Page template would look different if the configuration is totally messed. Mostly 404 page is not useful. On reaching this page, users get frustrated as they are not getting what they are looking for. By making this page a better one, you can help your users. You should convey the error properly to the users and tell them the actions to take place at that time. You can even show them different sections of the website that will help them and by offering them the contact details will also help them.twentyfourteen404page

When the page is totally messed up, it looks like this;

Creation of custom 404 page
Do u know how can you create a proper customized 404 page in WordPress? Please read carefully as the following paragraph will guide you.
The first step in creation of 404 custom page is to create a 404 page template that will be created by doing some editing to the 404.pho file in WordPress theme.
Please note that if you are directly editing your theme then keep a backup for security purpose. Making the 404 page useful, addition of useful elements are really important. This will allow your users a quick glance to what you are offering.
-Display popular post on 404 page with the use of a plugin namely WordPress popular posts plugin. For displaying popular post, firstly this plugin is required to be installed and activated on your website. When activating, this template tag is required to be added to 404.php file where you wish to display your post.
-Display most commented post on 404 page. This section also depend popular post plugin that we asked to install and activate in the previous para. At this stage, you just need to add the template tag where you wish to display the most commented post.
-Display all the current post. This can be done in different ways. The easiest and the simplest way is again to add this tag to the 404 template for the purpose of displaying recent post.
-Display the random post on 404 page. If you are interested in displaying a random list of post then you need to add a code wherever you wish to add a list of random post from your website.
-Addition of monthly archive with compact archive. This is useful if you are a beginner as you will see that websites are displaying monthly archives by using a plugin named compact archive. This plugin is much easier to use.
The final step is to compare the 404 template with the template in twenty-thirteen. I am sure you would like the end result after following.
We would like to get your feedback as it will help us in explaining you what we are talking about. If you have any request to learn anything regarding blogging, don’t hesitate to tell us by commenting in the comment box below.

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