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How To Make the Best Use of Internal Linking for SEO

We are aware of this term and as it’s name, it means building links between websites. Link building can be external and can be internal too. In this article, we will be talking about internal link building which has nowadays been totally out.Internal link building is a link building in which one web post is linked to another so that the website could be used more and more and a higher traffic could be gained.

Internal Linking
How and where can SEO use these links?
This is simple if u understand it. We have defined several places where link building could be used by SEO.

1- Menu link

It is on every page so is considered to have a great value for SEO. When the menu link at every page is linked to your websites homepage then be happy as it will be a green signal to Google and whenever your brand would be searched by an individual or a group, your website will be on the top. Note that you have an extended menu and strong keywords are used.

2- Product to product linking

This is simply linking one product with another. This will help in increasing traffic to a blog/website in a way that a product linked will take the visitor to the other similar product. Link every product to the other as it will be far more useful.

3- Product to categories linking

Here you can link a product to different categories (if you are selling more than one type of product ).  Product linking to different category product or to similar will let the visitor visit all the links you have built.

4- Categories to product linking

There are many categories that can be attached to the product to tell visitors that apart from this product, you sell other categories product too and again there will be an increase in search engine ranking.

5- Categories to categories linking

This is simply linking one category product to another.

6- News contents with categories and product

Link an exciting news that attracts the users so that by opening the news, they could visit the page regarding the product or categories you deal with.

For any question regarding internal link building, do comment below.

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